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Avignon Bridge with Pope


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An art lover and historian’s paradise, Avignon is a unique destination filled with an intense, cultural and religious atmosphere.  The cobblestone streets proudly display the city’s history and society with the conservations of historical monuments, museums, chapels, shops, and restaurants.  Avignon’s many sites provide visitors with an outstanding look into the dynamic traditions of such a captivating city. The rooms and walls of Musee’ Calvet (a fine arts museum) are beautifully decorated with sculptures and paintings from the 15th-20th centuries by various French artists like Simon de Châlons and Pierre Mignard.  Their majestic artistic works provide a poetic outlook and preserves the city’s memorable and interesting past.  Overflowing with thrills and attractions, Avignon, France is the perfect getaway for visitors seeking a cultural adventure.

Overlooking the Rhone River, Avignon is a city and commune in France.  The ancient papal city played a significant role in Europe’s history by becoming an important communication and trading post due to its location on the river.  Made famous by a popular children’s song, the Pont Saint Bénézet Bridge was an important gateway between Italy and Spain.  The ruins of the medieval bridge consist of a statue of the Virgin Mary and chapel where religious services were held to give reverence to Saint Nicholas.  The influence of the popes of Avignon is prevalent through the ancient halls of the Palais des Papas (Palace of the Popes).  The décor of the biggest pope palace in the world is outstanding with its colossal columns and Gothic décor overshadowing the sacred secrets and stories have existed for many years.   Since 1037, the Notre Dame Doms Cathedral also pays tribute to the sanctity of religion with dynamic ornamentations of a bell tower, nave, cupola, and tomb of Pope John XXII.  By visiting the city’s theaters, you can bask in enriching customs through the theatrical performances of talented French actors, actresses, and dancers. 

Along with the many cultural attractions, the city also offers a plethora of outdoor activities from golfing on green pastures to swimming.  Enjoy the nature at its best by canoeing along the Sorgue River or motorcycling/biking through the trees outlining the numerous bike trails.

Through the little streets and squares are Avignon’s vibrant markets and trendy shops where you will be able to experience the true lifestyle of the city’s locals.  From flowers to designer and local merchandise, Avignon is a shopper’s haven.  Les Halle is known for its multiplicity of colorful fruits, vegetables, and spices, while boutiques are available to find authentic “made in France” souvenirs.  By night, the city becomes an intense social scene where tourists and locals are encouraged to mix, mingle, and dance the night away.  Bar, clubs, and pubs play different genres of music and offer some of France’s signature wines and cocktails.

Taste the flavors of Avignon with authentic French recipes and multicultural cuisines.  Olive oil, vegetables, rosemary, garlic, and thyme are ingredients and spices that are commonly used by chefs who specialize in authentic French dishes.  Aromas from simmering meats and fish are a part of the gastronomy that makes the dining experience a cultural phenomenon.  Along with great food, restaurants also entice their visitors with rich wines and panoramic views of the city’s gorgeous landscape. 

Avignon experiences a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and cool winters.  During the warm season (June to September), the temperature averages from the low 60s to the high 80s.  Throughout the cold season (November to February), the weather ranges around the low 30s to the high 50s.  

Getting around Avignon is relatively easy since there is a wide selection of ways to travel in and out of the city. The city is located along the train’s main line to major cities in France and Italy.  Buses also provide a connection to the rest of France, Germany and various cities throughout Europe.  During the summer, boat rides are a leisurely form of transportation between Avignon and Villeneuve and hiring a taxi is a great way to visit France’s popular attractions and for traveling around the city.  Bicycling is the most common mode of traveling through the city’s narrow streets.