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Panoramic view of the city of Bordeaux in France (Photo via marcociannarel / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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Bordeaux’s history was first brought to life during the Paleolithic era, and later became a land of great importance to the Celtics as well as the Romans, who made good use of its trading opportunities.  As its economy prospered so did its political stance and reputation, until it became under attack by raids.  Although Bordeaux faced much adversity, it remains a fascinating city in France and continues to thrive as a major trading center and cultural hub.  Its décor of monolithic neoclassical architectural gems are evidence of the great strides the city has made, while the scents of rich wines showcase the sophistication that Bordeaux’s still embraces.   Bordeaux, France embodies the elegance of a true French city, which will be noted as you sip on its fine vintage delicacies.

Affectionately known as “La Belle Au Bois Dormant” (the sleeping beauty) and A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bordeaux is beyond extraordinary as its “pedestrianized” streets beckons for you to explore the historic landmarks and taste its gastronomic treasures lurking in its restaurants and vineyards.  Its roads and squares beautifully honor its culture with museums, parks, chateaus, and festivals, which spellbind tourists with their splendor.   The Basilique Saint Seurin is the city’s oldest church and adorns its guest with its 4th century neoclassical façade.  On the road to discovery, you can retrace the steps of Bordeaux’s most prominent historian Michel Eyquem de Montaigne, as you head to the renowned City Hall.  Follow the city’s trails of fountains and make a wish or visit its museums decked out with contemporary art and momentous exhibitions. Wine lovers should discover the many flavors of Bordeaux with a tour of some of its most verdant wineries.  No matter where you go, you cannot escape the warm glow reflected from Bordeaux’s beautifications of style and grace.

In between sightseeing and wine tasting, Bordeaux can also be a shopper’s dream as its many stores are filled to the brim with exotic French fashions, souvenirs, and international goods.  Whether you are in need of a gift for a loved one or something extra for yourself, its boutiques and stores are ready for you to empty your wallets.  The nightlife of Bordeaux is as exciting as venturing to its many attractions.  Enjoy a romantic night out with a glass of wine and music or an adrenaline pumping social affair at the local hotspots.

As you stroll Bordeaux’s captivating streets, it will be difficult to ignore the aromas of its delicious foods bursting out of the city’s quaint eateries.  Restaurants like Jean Ramet and La Petite Savoie are ideal for food critics wanting to indulge in some of France’s authentic cuisines.  However, if you have a different taste in mind, there is an array of restaurants willing to transform your culinary dreams into a reality.

Bordeaux experiences a humid temperate climate.  During the months of May to September (warm season) the temperature is relatively warm and averages from a high in the upper-70s and decreases to the low-60s at night.  From December to February (cold season) the weather fluctuates between a high in the 50s and low in the mid-30s.

There are several ways to tour Bordeaux.  Buses and tram offer public transportation to many of its sights, specific districts, as well as along its riverside.  Bicycling is a great way to travel just like the locals and keep off the vacation pounds.  Taxis are also available to transport you to your desired location.  Tourists are also invited to explore the city on foot, to capture up close views of its Bordeaux’s highlights.