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Town hall on the bridge, Bamberg, Germany (photo via zoom-zoom / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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With culture bursting at the seams, Bamberg is one of the most enchanting cities of Germany.  Here, jewels of unique architectural structures and beautiful gardens glisten along the cobblestone streets and ancient monuments serve as memoirs of the city’s historic civilization. No matter what your interests may be, the attractions and activities are very appealing.  Fashionistas would enjoy the Levi-Strauss Museum Jeans & Kult, which is a fascinating presentation of the life and fashions of the famous Levis jeans inventor. With such a vibrant atmosphere and plethora of thrills, Bamberg is the perfect destination to enjoy culture, history, and adventure to the fullest.

Built on seven hills, Bamberg is a city located in the Franconia region of Germany.  It is a modern city with backdrops of rolling green hills leading to exquisite baroque, Romanesque, and gothic structures and sculptures.  The heritage of Bamberg is also manifested in the celebrations of art, music, sports, and festivals. Its many museums showcase collections of ancient artistry, artifacts, and history that strongly cultivate the city’s society.  The Franconian Brewery Museum educates its visitors about significance of beer and how it is produced. The majestic cathedral Saint Peter and Georg has been an important artistic architectural centerpiece for Bamberg for centuries.  Listen to the smooth sounds of jazz or the Bamberg string quartet at the city’s Symphony Orchestra.  Tourists are invited to join in the celebrations during the fun-filled festivals, where the streets are crowded with excited celebrators and spectators. From outdoor adventures to cultural thrills, Bamberg offers an array of activities for nature lovers, art enthusiasts, and historians.

Experience the sights and sounds of Bamberg with the BAMBERGcard. It is a ticket that allows you to explore some of Bamberg’s museums and exhibitions inexpensively.  The ticket is valid for three (3) days, and its validity also provides free bus admissions on bus transportation via Verkehrsbetriebe Bamberg.

The chic shopping districts of Bamberg are a shop-a-holic’s paradise.  The surroundings of an antique town provide a cozy environment where tourists can get their hands on interesting souvenirs.  Everything from clothing and jewelry to antiques and produce are readily available for your consumption.  The lively markets and boutiques bursts with friendly natives who are eager to introduce you to Bamberg’s latest trends.  For this reason, the city’s shopping experience is an extraordinary thrill, where visitors can nourish their journey with “made in Germany” merchandise, meet new people, and enjoy the luxurious sceneries.

The restaurants of Bamberg warmly invite you a delicious feast “Franconian style”.  Local and multicultural cuisines produce overflowing aromas that will tickle your taste buds.  The gastronomy of Bamberg is an intimate affair where tourists are able to enjoy the majestic sceneries, indulge signature beers and cocktails and feast their senses on rich foods filled with flavors.  From tasty pastries to gourmet seafood and juicy meats, the cuisines will satisfy any appetite.

Bamberg experiences a continental climate.  During the warm season (May-September) the temperatures averages from high 70s to high 50s. Throughout the cold season (November-February) the weather ranges from the low 40s to low 20s.

Getting around Bamberg is relatively easy and convenient.  Trains provide transportation to various German cities.  Buses are also available as a means of travel to visit many sites and locations throughout the city. The Bamberg tram services roundtrip tours from the Cathedral to Altenburg Castle and St. Michael's.  Renting a bicycle is a great way to keep off the vacation pounds while enjoy Bamberg’s unique scenery; and taking a stroll is also a thrilling way to enjoy the culture and vibrant atmosphere of the city.