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The ancient city of Dresden, Germany. Historical and cultural center of Europe. (photo via DaLiu / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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Dresden, Germany above the Elbe River. (photo via SeanPavonePhoto / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
Dresden, Germany above the Elbe River. (photo via SeanPavonePhoto / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

If you are searching for a vacation to experience a rich heritage among world-class treasures, then Dresden, Germany is the travel destination for you. This city is where beauty meets history, where hidden surprises are a discovery away, and the lure of its lively streets summon every inquisitive visitor. It has captured the hearts of royalty, while delighting the spirits of drifting onlookers. Dresden proudly honors its past with a dynamic collection of architectural gems including the Zwinger Palace as well as the Church of Our Lady, but still remains young at heart as a vibrant college town. In Dresden, the unfamiliar will become memorable as you tread determinedly into its magical ambiance, where its newfound riches will seem as though they have appeared right out of thin air.

As a captivating city in Germany, Dresden has seen it all. It has entertained Duke Georg the Bearded; it has emerged out of the catastrophic World War II; and has undergone a major facelift which has resulted in the colorful, cultural hub that exists today. Sitting on the banks of the Elbe, Dresden transports its visitors into a time capsule, where the fragrance of the past is a short breath away. With a décor of over 50 museums and thousands of landmarks, a historical center filled with memoirs of baroque and renaissance stature, and not to forget the legendary Opera House, where majestic voices echo through its halls, Dresden is no ordinary tour de force.

Semperoper in Dresden, Germany (photo via TomasSereda / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
Semperoper in Dresden, Germany (photo via TomasSereda / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Shopping in the city is a mixture of chic trends in addition to “made in Germany” souvenirs. Fashionistas will be delighted in Kugelhaus, the Baroque Quarter or the shopping district adjacent to the Frauenkirche which burst at the seams with merchandise right for every budget. Dresden owes much of its fame to its harmonious orchestra, which paves the way into a vivacious social atmosphere. From cultural festivals to a pulsating nightlife, the city calls for all socialites to embrace the culture that flows from its numerous hotspots.

Known as a prominent dairy capital, Dresden offers an once-in-a-lifetime gastronomic experience. Its restaurants produce a wide spectrum of traditional German dishes as well as multicultural delicacies, so enticing you will be salivating for more.

Dresden’s weather is characterized by a temperate climate. From May to September (summer) the temperatures face a high around 75°F and decrease to a low of 60°F at night. During the months of November to February (winter) the weather fluctuates between a high of 40°F and low of 25°F.

Dresden Klotzsche Airport is the main gateway to and from the city. Dresden also has an expansive train and bus route servicing the city as well as its surrounding areas. The Elbe offers a picturesque backdrop for walkers, runners, and bikers.