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Mount Conero Natural Reserve Regional Park is a unique ecological environment on Italian mediterranean coastline (Photo via  eddygaleotti / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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From the sandy white beaches to the antique buildings, Ancona is a fascinating city.  Its architecture and infrastructure proudly demonstrate the heritage of an old Italian city.  Ancona is a perfect blend of natural beauty and artistic monuments that can be found lurking in almost every corner.  The National Museum of the Marches is a preservation of archeological remains and Roman history.  The museum’s exhibitions provide a panoramic view of an ancient medieval world through the findings of art, bronze metals, and artifacts.  Tourists are truly amazed by the thrilling adventures that make this city an exciting destination.  With the Greek and Roman cultural impacts, museum, parks, landmarks, and the bustling streets and markets, Ancona, Italy’s charm is present in its diversity of activities and attractions.

Founded by the Greeks, Ancona is the largest city in Le Marche region of Italy.  The city’s location on the Adriatic Sea makes it an important port for trade in the East.  Tourists can enjoy this exceptional landscape by horseback riding or hiking up its green, hilly pastures.  You can swim, dive, or sail with the exotic creatures of the deep blue sea.  Sightseers will enjoy learning about the styles and customs of the Romans and Greeks through the artistic expressions of architecture presented throughout the city.  The transformation of the Romanesque to Greek style, Cathedral San Ciriaco bursts with culture with its gothic décor of statues, animals and massive columns.  The Tajan’s Arch is also a demonstration of the importance architectural design with its high Corinthian columns, marble decoration, and bronze statues of the emperor Trajan, his wife and sister.  The city Ancona is a magical treasure chest full of hidden secrets with cultural attributes.

You cannot experience Ancona without shopping at a local boutique or market.  Shop-a-holics can feel and purchase authentic Italian fabrics.  Trendy shops sell conventional Italian merchandise such as bags, shoes, clothing, and jewelry.  Collectables from antique vases and art pieces are also available.  The colorful markets are decorated with juicy fruits, gourmet cheeses and pasta.  By night, bars and restaurants offer tourists and locals the opportunity to meet and greet while indulging in tasty foods and some of Italy’s finest wines, cocktails, and coffee.

The cuisines of the city are a dynamic part of the Italian culture. The aromas from pasta with meat sauces, brodetto (stew fish), and seafood freshly picked from the Adriatic Sea fill the atmosphere of the many restaurants Ancona has to offer.  Take a bite in an authentic Italian pizza or dine on meats like rabbit, chicken, lamb, and beef.  Satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh donuts, pastries, and tasty cakes.  With such a vast variety of foods available the cautious food critic will truly be pleased.

Ancona experiences a Mediterranean climate.  During the summer the weather is mainly warm and dry.  In the months of June to September the temperature averages around a high of 84°F during the day and a low of 66°F at night.  Winters are relatively mild and breezy.  From November to March temperature averages at a high of approximately 54°F to a low of 35°F.

Falconara Airport provides flights to Ancona and other European locations.   Buses and trains are also available when traveling to and from Ancona to neighboring cities.  Ferries service rides in route to Albania, Greece, Turkey, and Croatia.  To move at your own pace, renting a car or motorcycle is pretty convenient.  However, walking around the captivating city is a great way to soak in the ambiance and to become familiar with the surroundings.