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Beautiful view of Catania cruise port with smoking volcano Etna in the background. (Photo via  NAPA74 / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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With the dynamic Etna Volcano hovering above, the city of Catania, Italy is a remarkable symbol of strength.  It has triumphantly emerged out of the spews of lava and earthquakes leaving Catania with a façade decorated with an interesting contrast of black and white baroque architecture, while its feet sparkles with the magnificence of the Ionian Sea.  This ancient gem is a cultural mixture of the past and present, which peacefully manifests their presence in the midst of classic masterpieces and natural wonders.  Catania’s perseverance has captivated many admirers, who are seduced by its history as well as its timeless experiences, brought to you in authentic Italian fashion.

Nestled at the bottom of the mighty Etna, Catania is an alluring town in Sicily, Italy.  For centuries this Italian beauty has been a destination of great importance as one of Sicily’s largest possessions passed down from the hands of different ethnic groups including the Greeks, Romans, Spanish as well as the Barbarians who profoundly left their footprints throughout the city’s landscape.  Although it is derived from a past shaken by a host of natural catastrophes, Catania continues to enrich the lives of its passing guests with a rich collection of highlights. 

The road to discovery begins with a trip to the city’s centerpiece, the Fountain of the Elephants, located in the pulsating heart of Piazza del Duomo.  The piazza also boasts a décor of the architect Vaccarini’s baroque creations. The archeological ruins of the Roman Theatre once seated thousands of spectators, while a stroll in the Cavour Square will also be a journey to the past as emblematic buildings lurk around every corner.  Since the 1700s, the Monastery has been a wonderful sight to behold offering a glimpse into Catania’s primitive days.  From squares and museums to art galleries and architecture, Catania is a treasure trove beaming with a great wealth of world-class antiques.

Catania foods are infused by the aromas of Italian tradition and delicacies of the Mediterranean.  Specialties like Pasta alla Norma and other pasta favorites are drenched in rich sauces and authentic ingredients, making the gastronomic experience of the city extraordinary.  After a relaxing dining experience, explore Catania’s nightlife by roaming through its streets and piazzas.  Partygoers will be sure to find a hotspot of their liking, where the flow of tasty drinks and music seems endless.

Catania’s weather is characterized by a Mediterranean climate.  From June to September (summer) the weather is typically hot with temperatures averaging from the low-90s to the upper-60s at night.  During November to March (winter) the city experiences highs between the mid-60s and low-40s.

Catania-Fontanarossa Airport is the main gateway into the city.  Catania has an extensive bus route and train line servicing the city and other destinations in Italy.  Taxis are also a useful form of transportation.