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Luxembourg City, historic destrict Grund, bridge over Alzette river (Photo via tibu / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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Luxembourg (Photo via PocholoCalapre / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
Luxembourg (Photo via PocholoCalapre / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Luxembourg is an attractive European country with a green, picturesque landscape and many historical sites within easy reach of one another. The country is divided into five tourist regions. The central and southern part of the country that surrounds the capital, known as ‘the Good Land’, consists mainly of rolling farmland and woods. To the northeast is the Müllerthal, characterized by sandstone rock formations and forests, while the northern third of the country is the Ardennes, set in beautiful forested hills and valleys. South of the capital is the Land of the Red Rocks, so named from its ‘red earth’, rich in iron. The southeast frontier is marked by the Moselle Valley, famous for its wines.

Even with a well-coordinated train and bus system, there are a few sights that can easily be missed without a rental car. Efficient trains run north to south and east to west from Luxembourg City to the major cities at the borders. From there, buses spread out in a web to cover the network of villages. Petrol or gas is expensive, but then so is the train unless you are a student or a senior who gets 50% off. Bicycles are popular everywhere and for rent at the train station. Bikes are welcome on the train for a small fee. Luxembourgers love to walk and the countryside is a mass of lovely hiking and walking trails. Maps are available at all the tourist offices.