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Traffic lights in the center of the capital city of Romania, Bucharest. (Photo via  ripmp4 / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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If you are looking for a city beautified with European décor and as enticing as the streets of a great metropolis, then Bucharest, Romania is the destination for you.  Imagine walking on cobblestone as stylish monolithic architecture invites you into their realm with secret treasures and legends buried within their chambers.  The beautiful city of Bucharest is a destination that will satisfy your soul and marvel your senses.  It is the charismatic capital of Romania, an exotic mecca as well as an administrative hub, enriching the spirit with its world-class attractions and amenities.  Bucharest remains a pulsating heart awakening your deepest desires with each step along its magical trails.

“Little Paris” as Bucharest was referred to in the 19th century has come a long way since its first settlement during the 15th century.  The city has transformed into a bustling cultural metropolis overflowing with a multiplicity of Romania’s most prized possessions.  From neoclassical and baroque to French and Italian style buildings, Bucharest is a feast for the artistically inclined.  The Romanian Athenaeum is a French masterpiece adorned with pink marble columns, gold leaf ceilings, as well as a state-of-the-art concert hall.   Towering at 85 feet high, The Arch of Triumph serves as a memoir of the brave soldiers who risked their lives in World War I.  The Bucharest History and Art Museum is filled with exhibitions portraying the elegant décor and drawing reference to the city’s past.  For a softer side of Bucharest, its lush Botanical Garden and parks provide the perfect backdrops for a leisurely stroll.

Bucharest is a shopper’s haven with streets densely populated with international stores and trendy boutiques.  Whether you are buying souvenirs for loved ones or something special for yourself, there is a special treat to fit every taste.  Its stores are filled to the brim with handicrafts, jewelry, clothing, and other knickknacks made from the heart by Bucharest’s skillful natives.  

The gastronomic experience of Bucharest is a fit for a king and queen. Its cuisine is infused by the Romans, Greeks, Turks and other cultures that influenced the traditional flavors of what makes Romania's foods a cultural phenomenon.  Delicacies like cheeses, fish, chimney cake, lamb, pork, olive stew, and meatball soup grace the atmosphere with their flavorsome scents.

Bucharest is characterized by a continental climate.  During May to September (summer) it experiences temperatures in the mid-80s to a low in the low-60s at night.  From November to March (cold season) the weather fluctuates between a high in the mid-40s and decreases to the mid-20s.

The city is also a major transportation center with an expansive bus and subway system that transports passengers across the city as well as other European destinations.  Taxis are accessible and can be flag downed from the streets or via phone.  Car rental is also available for travelers wanting to venture into the city and around Romania at their own pace.