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View on Belgrade old part of town and the river port (Photo via vladimir_n / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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Draped with classical antiquities, the city of Belgrade, Serbia is truly a feast for the eyes.  The cobblestone streets are exquisitely decorated with magnificent architectural gems presented in the forms of cathedrals, museums, palaces, and fountains.  It is quite easy to fall in love with a city, whose vibrancy and splendor can be seen lurking on every corner.  Its charismatic spirit glistens on the faces of its proud citizens, which explains why this ancient city remains young at heart.  Whether you are observing the exotic animals at the Belgrade Zoo, or strolling the busy streets and squares, there is plenty to discover.  So retrace the steps of Belgrade’s ancestors and visit a destination which overflows with the fragrances of history and beauty.

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, still manages to keep its old charm after suffering much adversity due to its location on the Danube River.  However, its beauty seems untouched and remains a significant attribute that magnetizes many tourists to its diverse landscape.  Populated with approximately 1,700,000 people, Belgrade is richly blessed with boastful citizens, who cannot wait to introduce visitors to their amazing city.  It is surrounded by many museums and historic jewels, which will guide you on a tour to its colorful past.  You also cannot miss the dazzling statues peering on the majestic buildings and sidewalks.  Constructed in the early 1900s, the White Palace contains a royal library filled to the brim with over 30,000 books.  Make a wish at the historic fountains or capture a bird’s eye view of the Belgrade’s majestic sceneries at the Fortress.  No matter what your interest may be, the activities of Belgrade are endless.

With the Belgrade pass, the city’s adventures are closer than you think.  Valid for 72 hours, that gives you plenty of time to discover many of Belgrade’s attractions freely or at a discounted price. 

Take a break from sightseeing and head to the local shopping areas.  Everything from malls to souvenirs shops are within arm’s length.  With such a variety of merchandise, fashionistas can indulge in Europe’s finest products while mingling with the friendly locals.  Dress to kill and dance the night away at the local hot spots blazing with the latest hits.  For a quieter night, watch talented comedians tickle your funny bone, or try your luck at the casino.

Let your nose lead you to the scents of delicious foods flowing throughout the city’s restaurants.  The culinary temptations are a cultural phenomenon.  From hard to pronounce dishes like isdimljena vešalica (grilled pork) to multicultural specialties, chefs are masters at preparing authentic regional cuisines drenched in locally grown ingredients.  Avid food lovers get ready to savor the tastes of Serbia’s finest meals with a glass of Europe’s finest wines.

Belgrade experiences a temperate continental climate.  During the months of May to October (warm season) the temperatures average from a high in the low 80s to the low 60s. In November to March (cold season) the weather ranges between the 40s and lower to the 20s.

Belgrade Nikola Tesla International Airport is the city’s main gateway to the rest of Europe and other international destinations.  Belgrade’s public transportation of bus, trams, and trolleys are available to help you navigate throughout the city.  Serbian Railways also services rides throughout Belgrade and its neighboring towns.  A bright blue sign makes it easy for tourists to catch a taxi along the bustling streets.  In addition, with a valid driver’s license, car rentals are accessible for those who prefer to travel flexibly. Belgrade is also a great place to explore by foot.