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View of Granada in Andalucia, Spain, with the famous Alhambra on the hill in the distance (photo via IvanBastien/iStock/Getty Images Plus)


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Seductively nestled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Granada, Spain is a melting pot of colors, embraced by a rich heritage. This dynamic city is one of Spain’s best features, boasting a landscape beautified with a wealth of emblematic masterpieces including the magnificent Alhambra as well as the Cathedral of Granada. Derived from a history of Moorish and Christian descent, exploring Granada is an adventure in itself, bringing a vibrant mixture of culture to the forefront of its streets and attractions. The city of Granada is more than a quaint Spanish town; it is a destination full of mystery, where the past lurks on every corner.

Grenada is a modern city with an old heart, as well as the capital of the province bearing its name. For centuries this dynamic destination has magnetized a host of drifters from kings and queens to legendary artists to its rich playground, who were particularly drawn to the city’s mountainous backdrops as well as the scintillating Darro and Genil Rivers. As the last city converted from Islamic to Christianity, the importance of religion is concealed in many of its highlights.

Granada is enjoyable year-round with the Sierra Nevada acting as a skiers’ oasis in the winter and the Mediterranean providing barefoot luxury for the sunbather in the summer. Whether gazing at the architectonic magnificence of the Generalife, dancing the flamenco during its festivals, or plunging into the collections exhibited in its plethora of museums, Grenada bursts at the seams with must-see attractions, which appeal to every interest.

Palace of Charles V and roofs of Albayzin during evening blue hour in Granada, Andalusia, Spain (photo via KavalenkavaVolha/iStock/Getty Images Plus)
Palace of Charles V and roofs of Albayzin during evening blue hour in Granada, Andalusia, Spain (photo via KavalenkavaVolha/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

The atmosphere of Granada is also infused by its delectable culinary specialties of Spanish and Arabic influence. Your gastronomic experience will not be complete without savoring its local dishes such as tapas, cured ham, and fried beans, pipirrana salad trout, sausages and gazpacho. Whether you are a food connoisseur or a selective eater, the cuisine of Granada is definitely worth exploring.

Granada experiences a dry steppe climate. From June to September (summer) the weather experiences highs around 95 °F and lows of 65 °F at night. During the months of November to March (winter) the temperature averages slightly below 60°F and decreases to 35 °F.

Granada Airport is the main gateway into the city as well as a wide range of destinations. Granada is serviced by an extensive bus route and taxis are conveniently available within the city. Nevertheless, Granada’s streets can also be explored on foot.