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Roman Cardo Maximus ruins in Beirut capital city of Lebanon Middle east (Photo via OSTILL / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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Beirut, Lebanon is seen as both volatile and vibrant; a city of frustration and of freedom. Despite Beirut’s tumultuous past, it is an ever-evolving city dazzling with seize-the-day youth, beautifully reconstructed mosques and internationally renowned museums. The city has adopted the Parisian outdoor cafés, a mix of Middle Eastern and European architecture and a nightlife scene that rivals almost any in the world. Beirut’s revival can be seen in all aspects of social culture and daily life, giving travelers an unyielding reason to visit.

Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Beirut has the luxury of being not only a lively metropolis, but a Middle Eastern beach town. Though they are not the powdery-white sandy beaches of the islands, these Lebanese beaches are none-the-less beautiful and make for a relaxing seaside treat. Many of the beaches also have adjoining spa and pool clubs on site, and there are women-only beaches as well. There are numerous other breathtaking natural attractions within Beirut, such as Pigeon Rocks; a monumental archway that juts up from the Mediterranean, and Jeita Grotto, which is a compound of crystallized limestone caves.

Home to many prominent universities and institutions of higher learning as well as internationally known museums, such as the National Museum of Beirut and Sursock Art Museum, the city is abuzz with intellect and culture. The arts and fashion scene within Beirut blooms fervently as if it was a flower miraculously springing up through concrete. Despite the sometimes tense social climate, thousands of artists and designers flock to the city to be inspired by their peers. With bars that rival New York City, coffee that would make rainforests proud and a mystifying beauty that is distinctly Lebanese, Beirut, Lebanon is a true phoenix of a city; rising from the rubble to once again thrive.