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Church of Santo Domingo de Guzman in Oaxaca, Mexico (javarman3 / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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Hierve el Agua, thermal spring in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico (Byelikova_Oksana / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
Hierve el Agua, thermal spring in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico (Byelikova_Oksana / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Beautiful, peaceful, and rich are some of the many words used to describe the city of Oaxaca in Mexico. This colonial paradise invites you on a wonderful journey where the old and new are magically intertwined. Explore its cobblestone streets and hidden trails, which unveil sprawling treasures of emblematic gems as well as natural wonders. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to blend in with the locals during one of Oaxaca’s many fiestas. With such a strong ambiance, it is no wonder why Oaxaca continues its reign as one of Latin America’s best cities. For a glance into a true Mexican beauty, visit Oaxaca, Mexico and bask in all of its luxurious amenities.

Nestled in the state bearing its name, Oaxaca (wa-hah-kah) is a fascinating city of Mexico. From the hands of the Mixtecs, Aztecs, and eventually its Spanish settlers, the city attracted an array of ethnic groups who were attracted to its verdant sceneries abundant of huaje trees and other tropical plants. Since its official settlement in 1529, the city has played a significant role in Mexico’s history as a doorway to the Americas and as a major producer of textiles.

Home of the past and present, Oaxaca’s Historic Center adorns its guests with beauty pouring from its décor of iconic landmarks taking the form of colonial giants. The archeological ruins of the Monte Alban are an ancient display of architectural majesty offering 360 degree views of the city’s mountainside. Housed in a 17th century mansion, the Contemporary Art Museum (MACO) has a dynamic collection of Oaxaca’s art exhibitions created by some of Mexico’s prominent artists. Visit Oaxaca’s Textile Museum for an insightful glance into the city’s famous tradition. Offering a vibrant atmosphere, the Zocalo (plaza) is a tourist magnet because of the lively entertainment and the Cathedral of Oaxaca, a baroque-style masterpiece. For glimpse of nature at its best, the Hierve el Agua (Oaxaca’s Central Valleys) is a majestic view of lush mountainsides blended with waterfalls.

Capture a bit of Oaxaca’s culture with handicrafts and other treasures found in the local shops and boutiques. Oaxacans are known to be skillful at creating traditional handicrafts, fit for any pocket. So take home a piece of the Spanish culture by familiarizing yourself with Mexico’s latest fashions. From vendors and markets to restaurants, the gastronomic experience is a treat for every food connoisseur. Delicious temptations like tortillas, empanadas, chapulines (fried grasshoppers), and tamales are cooked to perfection with Spanish spices and ingredients. Bring your appetites and taste sizzling Mexican dishes, which will make your mouth water with delight.

With an elevation of approximately 5000 feet above sea level, Oaxaca experiences a hot desert climate. From the months of March to May (warm season) the temperatures reaches a high within the high-80s and decrease to a low in the 60s. During June to February (cold season) the weather fluctuates between an everyday high in the low-80s to a low average in the 50s.

It is quite easy to get around Oaxaca. With many pedestrianized streets, its plaza and other attractions can be discovered on foot. However, to venture further into the city’s neighboring towns and to its various highlights, buses and taxis are accessible in the city.