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Puebla, uno de los mejores destinos para visitar en 2022. (Photo: via RobertoVaca / iStock / Getty Images Plus).


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Puebla, uno de los mejores destinos para visitar en 2022. (Photo: via RobertoVaca / iStock / Getty Images Plus).
Puebla, uno de los mejores destinos para visitar en 2022. (Photo: via RobertoVaca / iStock / Getty Images Plus).

The tallest sanctuary in Mexico, Our Lady of the Immaculate Consumption is completely adorned in architectural majesty. From its striking façade to the marble floors, its impeccable features dazzle its spectators as they try to grasp the beauty executed from its 240-feet towers and legendary statues. This baroque masterpiece is one of the reasons why Puebla, Mexico is such a mythical destination. It is home to over 2,000 astonishing colonial structures, which blaze the trail into the city’s rich history. You are welcomed to tour its decorated cobblestone streets, while stumbling across some of Mexico’s most impressive treasures. Overlooking the Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes, Puebla is a shutterbug’s dream, so spectacular; it wants you to find out why it was once considered the “City of Angels”.

Rightfully dubbed a UNESCO Heritage Site, Puebla preserves is one of the country’s oldest cities. Since its establishment 1532, this city has made a profound stamp in Mexican legacy as the capital of Puebla State as well as the site where the Battle of Puebla was won. However, Puebla remains victorious as a tourist magnet, where history and modernity harmoniously reside. Take a journey into Puebla’s past with a visit at its Zocalo (Historic Center). This architecturally decked out square is a feast for the eyes as you gaze upon its colossal architectonic landmarks. The 17th century Biblioteca Palafoxiana (library) houses an impressive collection of over 40,000 books. The Amparo Museum displays an exquisite collection of art. Also, the Temple of Santo Domingo is an elaborate presentation of baroque-style structural design boasting decorations of a Rosary Chapel and gold leaf. Mix and mingle with the locals while viewing a traditional bullfight; learn about the city’s primeval times at its many museums; make a wish at a fountain; or visit the archeological ruins of Cantona, a long lost city in Mexico. No matter where you are, Puebla will tantalize your deepest interest.

Not only is Puebla perfect for its attractions but for shopping as well. There is a wide spectrum of treasures lurking behind every door, and they are waiting for you to take them home. From fashions to pottery handicrafts, Puebla’s skilful inhabitants are hoping that you will indulge in a bit of their culture. For a night on the town, the Angeloplis is speckled with hotspots outpouring vibrations from the echoes of festive music. In addition, the Square of Toads is also known to entice visitors with the melodies of mariachi filling the air.

The gastronomic experience of Puebla is a cultural phenomenon. Influenced by a variety of ethnicities, there is a taste for every food lover. Its rich specialties chalupas, escamoles, in addition to the famous Mole Poblano, are among the many dishes found in the city. So delicious are its culinary treasures, you pallet will tingle with delight.

Puebla experiences a temperate climate. During the months of April to June (warm season) the weather maintains an average high in the upper-70s. In December to February (cold season) the temperature experiences an average everyday high in the upper 60s.

The pleasant weather makes travelling around Puebla easy. Turibus(double-decker bus) provides tours to a variety of the city’s attractions. Nevertheless, the city can be explored by simply walking along its narrow trails.