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The aqueduct of Queretaro, is currently building a monumental 74 arches reaching an average height of 28.5 m and a length of 1298 m. This aqueduct is the symbol of the city of Queretaro, Mexico. (photo via Dopeyden / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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Queretaro main square at night and Casa del Corregimiento in the background (photo via Jorge Duarte Estevao / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
Queretaro main square at night and Casa del Corregimiento in the background (photo via Jorge Duarte Estevao / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Overlooking the striking Bernal Rock, the city of Querétaro is a pleasant mixture of splendor and history. From its architectural gems painted along the cobblestone streets to the presentations of unique rock formations, the city’s culture is mirrored through its diversity of attractions. Querétaro is one of Mexico’s hidden surprises, bursting at the seams with mystique and timeless legends. Whether you venture to the nearby Wameru Zoo Park to get up close to Mexico’s exotic wildlife or sing your heart out at a concert in the Art Museum, the city is surrounded by exciting thrills, waiting for you to explore. Querétaro, Mexico is a unique destination, where architecture and nature are never far behind. So grab your camera and capture amazing sites of this colonial beauty, blessed with the thick fragrance of the past.

Formally known as Santiago de Querétaro, the city is an economic center as well as the capital of the Querétaro State in Mexico. The city has made a profound impact in Mexico’s prehistoric times as the location where the independence of Mexico was strategized, and on the infamous Campanas Hill is where the former Austrian emperor, Maximilian of Habsburg was executed. Throughout its vast landscape are remains left from its colorful past such as churches and museums, filled with interesting findings and stories. Historians will appreciate Jardin Zenea, the city’s main square, historically beautified with emblematic landmarks. Built in the 1700s, the Aqueduct stands strong with 74 arches, elevated at approximately 100 feet tall. The exquisite halls of the Zacatecana Mansion are believed to be haunted and the 18th century Restoration Museum is decorated with exhibitions providing a look in the city’s history.

Querétaro’s boutiques provide great souvenirs for shoppers wanting a piece of the Mexican culture. From jewelry to clothes, the city’s inhabitants are proud to share their skilful handiworks with you. Take a trip downtown to experience the gastronomy of a lifetime. There is a plethora of mouthwatering dishes ready for you to sink your teeth into their rich flavors. Whether you are craving a Mexican specialty of an international creation, Querétaro’s talented chefs are prepared to quench your pallet. After a day of sightseeing and dining, drink and be merry at its hotspots, where lively entertainment will awaken the deafest ears.

Querétaro experiences a temperate climate. From the months of April to June (warm season) the temperatures maintains a daily high in the 80s and low within the high-50s. During November to February (cold season) the weather fluctuates between an everyday high in the 70s and a low in the 40s.

Navigating around Querétaro is quite easy. Buses are available for transportation in the city as well as to venture to its neighboring destinations. Double-decker buses are great for touring the city’s different attractions. Nevertheless, Querétaro’s pleasant weather and emblematic spots can be enjoyed by walking throughout its busy streets.