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American Bison Buffalo in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the North Dakota Badlands (htrnr / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

North Dakota

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North Dakota Badlands (rruntsch / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
North Dakota Badlands (rruntsch / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Not only is North Dakota one of the friendliest and safest states to visit, it was also named one of America’s most affordable vacation destinations by AAA. From the breathtaking Badlands, to the majestic Lake Sakakawea, as the true heartland of America, North Dakota is brimming with beautiful scenery and big adventure. Follow the trail of Lewis and Clark or visit the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and learn about the late president’s conservation efforts in this great state.

North Dakota is the outdoorsman’s ideal travel destination. From the numerous wildlife refuges and national parks, to fishing and bird watching, to week-long cattle drives and fossil digs, the Roughrider State has it all. For those who seek out arts and culture, the state’s major cities like Bismarck and Fargo are full of galleries, museums, historical centers, sports and performance venues as well as nightlife.

Theodore Roosevelt National ParkTheodore Roosevelt National Park (zrfphoto / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
PHOTO: Theodore Roosevelt National Park (photo via zrfphoto / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

With an eclectic group of nationalities from Norwegian and German to Native American and Irish, there is always a festival or powwow to eat, drink and dance at across the state. From folk and horse fests to rodeos and fairs, the friendly people of North Dakota know how to enjoy life. Traveling to this vast and beautiful state of rolling plains, plush prairies and rolling hills is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Traditional North Dakota cuisine is inspired by the state’s large German and Norwegian population. Smorgasbords and large spreads of Northern European cuisine fill restaurants and food halls all over the state. In Fargo, the Silver Moon Supper Club is a elegant restaurant and lounge with great food, cocktails and live entertainment. For some prime prairie beef while in Bismarck, the Texas Roadhouse serves up some of the best steaks and BBQ dishes in North Dakota. For a sampling of the best authentic Scandinavian cuisine in the state, attend the annual Norsk Hostfest festival held every October in Minot.

The largest airport in the state is Hector International Airport (FAR) in Fargo. This, along with Bismarck Municipal Airport (BIS) and Grand Forks International (GFK), serves the majority of both domestic and international flights to and from the state. Due to the vast expanse of North Dakota, the best way to get around the state is by rental car, though buses and taxis are available in most cities, along with the North Dakota Transit network.

North Dakota is characterized by a typical continental climate, with hot summers and cold winters. The eastern half of the state can tend to lean toward a more humid-continental climate, while the western portion is more arid. The best time to visit North Dakota is during the summer months. The weather remains warm and it becomes the perfect time to explore the many natural attractions that are endowed to this great state.