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Overcast day at Bristol end of East Bay Bike Path (Photo via danlogan / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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Lapped in a beauty reflected from the Narragansett and Mount Hope Bay, Bristol, Rhode Island embodies the charismatic atmosphere of a true seafaring community.  The city remains a significant piece to America’s puzzle as a symbol of patriotism and pride, derived from a past overshadowed by war.  Nevertheless, with its face pointed towards its crystal waters, Bristol captures the essence of tomorrow, continuously persevering with its vibrant harbor at its side.  Bristol is an all-American beauty, a beacon of strength, and a timeless adventure, bringing the old and new together for your pleasure.  It is also the ideal destination to capture the spirit of its legendary streets, embracing its struggles, yet honoring its heroes.

With red, white, and blue paraded throughout the streets, Bristol’s Fourth of July festival echoes the pride implanted in its veins.  Since the late 1700s, its passionate locals gather to commemorate the heritage that has fashioned Bristol into its modern society.  And this attitude continues to flow within its museums, galleries, parks, and historic homes, summoning all visitors with their cherished treasures.  Exploring Bristol will be a walk into history as highlights like Mount Hope Farm as well as Linden Place piques your interests with their fascinating exhibitions.  The city’s shops are also a step back in time with their arrays of antiques, books, and souvenirs, fit for every pocket.  In addition, its bay offers the perfect sunset backdrops while bringing kayaking and cruising thrills at your feet.

 Dining in Bristol is a paradise for all food lovers.  From freshly caught seafood and American favorites to European temptations and other multicultural specialties, the city’s master chefs are ready to tantalize your pallet.  Its restaurants glisten with mouthwatering dishes made from the heart and cooked to perfection.   Bristol’s vineyards also offer a taste of American history as ageless wines also make their way to gourmet restaurants and bottle just for you.

Bristol is characterized by a humid continental climate.  Its summers face temperatures between the low-80s during the day and mid-60s at night.  Winters are typically cold with the weather averaging from the mid-40s to low-20s.

Green Airport is the doorway to Bristol for international travelers.  Amtrak train is accessible for travel across the U.S.  There is also bus transportation for those wanting to venture into other locations within Rhode Island.  With plenty of biking trails, visitors can feel the cool breeze while explore the city’s landscape.  Bristol’s treasures can also be discovered on foot.