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Amphitheater At Bryce Canyon National Park In Utah (Photo via JimVallee / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Bryce Canyon

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An impressive cluster of orange and red rock towers rise out of the ground causing a majestic contrast of colors reflected by the dazzling sun. Bryce Canyon City, Utah holds the key to Bryce Canyon International Park, a vision too magnificent to be missed.  The park is a natural beauty, a place where time stands still as its unique kingdom of rock formations, jungles and hoodoos soar beneath the sky.  Bryce Canyon City is nestled in the midst of this golden treasure, uplifting the spirits of drifting travelers from near and far.  Once you have stepped into its rustic atmosphere it will be difficult to ignore its organic views bursting from every direction.  Bryce Canyon will have you amazed by all that it has to offer, as its breathtaking scenery beckons all thrill-seekers and campers to frolic in its alfresco playground.

Bryce Canyon City is a rural town situated in close proximity to the Bryce Canyon International Park.  It was once known as Ruby’s Inn before fully becoming a city in 2007.  The town is completely surrounded by a natural beauty bouncing off of many of Utah’s preserved treasures including the neighboring Red Canyon, Tropic Reservoir as well as the sparkling Panguitch Lake.  Bryce Canyon is also home to cultural events such as the Winter Festival, Rim Run and Walk and the amazing Country Rodeo during the summer, each fascinatingly drawing visitors in with their enriching appeal.

 From shopping to dining, Bryce Canyon City leaves its visitors with an unforgettable taste of culture.  Its shops are known for their authenticity as pottery, jewelry, Indian weavings, and souvenirs make their way from the stores into the possessions of their anxious buyers.  For a gastronomic experience of a lifetime, The Cowboy’s Buffet & Steak Room and the Canyon Diner of Ruby’s Inn offer an array of delicious cuisine like steak sandwiches, seafood, chicken and ribs.  Ebenezer’s Ball and Grill is also a great choice because of its local entertainment and good ole western eats.   

Bryce Canyon experiences a moist continental climate.  From June to September (summer) the weather fluctuated between a high of 80°F and a low of 70°F at night.  During November to March (winter) the temperature averages from a high of around 40°F to a low below 10°F.

Bryce Canyon Airport is the major gateway into the city.  The Bryce Canyon Shuttle transports travelers from Ruby’s Inn to the Bryce Canyon National Park. Exploring the city is a fulfilling adventure atop an ATV or horse.  The picturesque trails of Bryce Canyon are also ideal for bike riding and hiking.