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Australia, Brisbane City (Photo via Shanenk / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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Brisbane, a playground for the culturally inclined, is an electric blend of old and new.  Its cluster of colonial structures gleams in the presence of futuristic skyscrapers, bringing the city’s unique style to life creatively.  Brisbane embodies everything Australian from the exhibitions paraded in its museums and colorful Aussie accents flowing throughout the atmosphere.  Its streets transform an ordinary sightseeing trip into a delightful excursion into the city’s heritage, mesmerizingly adorning the smallest child to the avid business traveler.  Brisbane, Australia is a unique treasure comfortably nestled in the vibrant Queensland state.  It is a destination to be reckoned with, a cultural beauty, embraced by drifters from all walks of life.

Highly recognized as Australia’s “New World City”, Brisbane is a vivacious city stretched along the Brisbane River.  Its innovative appearance is a treat for the eyes as monolithic structures show off their styles along the city’s streets.  From emerald, cozy parks to iconic landmarks filled with history, Brisbane entertains its guests from the moment they set foot on its cobblestone.  Its contrast of cultures appears with museums, art galleries, churches and stores.  It will be quite difficult to remain indoors while its downtown district, Treasury Building, Queensland Cultural Center  in addition to other fascinating highlights are within close proximity.  The Albert Street Uniting Church stops all visitors in their tracks with its magnificent façade.  Set on South Brisbane Dry Dock, the Queensland Maritime Museum pays homage to Australia’s seafaring industry.  The panoramic views atop the city’s Story Bridge are worth the climb, and its Botanical Garden allows visitors to stop and smell the aromatic fragrances of its flowers.  No matter where you are in Brisbane, you will be amazed by the adventure waiting for you to explore. 

Brisbane also brings fashion to the core of its highlights as international stores and small boutiques shower wandering tourists with their bright designs.  Rock local styles the best way possible as you dance your way into Brisbane’s electrifying nightlife.  Queen Street Mall and many other stores have a multiplicity of treasures located behind every door. What better way to enjoy the hotspots of the “New World City” and make an impression among socialites than with your best foot forward, decked from head to toe in authentic Aussie trends.

Brisbane’s gastronomy is all about wining and dining under a warm atmosphere.  Whether you are looking for a familiar taste of Australia’s best eats, the city is lapped with restaurants rich with aromas flowing from the delicious flavors of authentic Australian dishes to international treats.  Finding your favorite restaurant will be a charismatic adventure since its chefs are known top-notch experts ready and willing to marvel your pallet. 

During the course of a year, Brisbane is characterized by a humid temperate climate.  During December to March (warm season) there are always brighter days ahead as its temperature fluctuates between the low-80s and low-70s. 

Brisbane Airport Corporation is the city’s main gateway, connecting Brisbane to the rest of Australia and destinations across the globe.  With the goCard, hop aboard Brisbane’s TransLink bus, train, and ferries.  For 3-5 successive days, the SEEQ card allows travelers to travel within South East Queensland.  The Loop is also a form of bus travel, which provides free transportation.  With the Brisbane CityCat and ferry travelers are granted a picturesque tour of the city’s attractions.  CityCycle makes bicycling available for tourists wanting to get around the city while keeping the vacation pounds off.  Taxis are located at major stops such as shopping areas, the airport, and the city center. Car rentals are also accessible for those wanting to travel at their own pace.   Nevertheless, Brisbane’s breathless landscape can be explored by taking a leisurely stroll along its quaint trails.