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The Neck of Bruny Island, Tasmania (photo via Oliver_Koch / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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Nestled on the south side of the Australian continent, Tasmania, affectionately known as “Tassie”, embodies a pristine natural beauty that encompasses its entire surroundings.  In fact, its physical appearance is so attractive that hardly a day goes by without someone exploring its lush landscape for the very first time.   But once you’re here don’t be fooled by its reserved presence because Tasmania is every adventurer’s playground.   Bikers, bushwalkers, kayakers and rafters flock here to experience extreme thrills that only attractions like the Narawawntapu National Park, Tasmanian Wilderness or the Seven Mile Beach can provide.  So if you’re looking for a world-class escape where nature sits at your beckon call then let Tasmania, Australia transform your vacation dreams into that perfect reality.

Magnificent cliffs, World Heritage Sites, national parks, sparkling waters, and the rustles of wildlife make Tasmania one of the world’s most sought-after destinations.  With a history deeply in coal mining, its trails of reminiscence transport visitors to their significant eras. Its five sections of splendor: the North West, West Coast, Hobart and South, East Coast as well as Launceston and North- also pay homage to the state’s rustic beauty with diverse attractions buried in their landscapes.

You’ll want visit the small town of St Marys to witness the sparkling waterfalls and streams of Douglas-Apsley National. Or travel to Tasmania’s West coast to rub shoulders with the locals of Queensland. Small enough for a leisurely stroll, Launceston and Hobart are decked-out in 20th century architecture, which are ideal for the history buff.  And let’s not forget about the seaside town of Penguin, whose landscape is dominated by the peculiar animal.

 And if you want to shop, its stores are abundantly filled with cultural pieces that will make wonderful souvenirs.  From artistic antiques to cultural clothing, there is something for every wallet.  A trip to the North West is worth delving inside of the Salamanca Market, which is every shopper’s dream come true.  Launceston is also a must for individuals wanting to empty their cash on “made in Tasmania” merchandise decorating its quaint boutiques. 

There are also many places in Tassie to fill your stomachs.  From farm to table, Australia’s rich flavors contribute to the cultural experience that’s in store. Set at the perfect temperature because of the cool climate that sweeps across its vineyards, a glass of wine is the perfect treat with any meal.  Whether you’re sinking your teeth in gourmet specialties or sampling famous streets eats, and food connoisseur will appreciate the excellent gastronomy of Tasmania.

Tasmania experiences typically experiences a humid temperate climate.  Summers (December-February) are typically warm with temperatures averaging around a high in the mid-70s and lows within the mid-50s. The cold season (May to August) is met with highs in the low-50s, but decreases to lows in the 40s.

The state’s outdoorsy atmosphere makes traveling across its landscape adventurous.  Getting around Tasmania is just as simple as hopping on a bus and with an extensive bus system; it may also be the most convenient for of transportation.  From Hobart and Launceston metro services are available.  However, if you’re traveling outside of these areas the Tassie, Link, Redline Coaches, Freycinet Connections and McDermott’s Coaches Cradle Mountain Service are accessible.    The Mersey Link Bus also provides service in other locations including Spreyton, Devonport as well as The Tiers.

Water taxis (ferries) are also a great way to get around the state and embark on a voyage across its waterways.  In addition, Tasmania’s winding roads create the perfect spaces for bicycling, but backpacking and biking are great for meeting locals and basking in the breathtaking Australian scenery.