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Akaroa lighthouse, South Island, New Zealand (photo via avresa/iStock/Getty Images Plus)


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Nestled in the fascinating country of New Zealand, Akaroa is nothing short of delightful.  This quaint village’s French and British heritage is proudly celebrated through its many faces of culture.  Come enjoy the pleasant weather and indulge in its wide contrasts of adventures.  Whether you choose to relax or explore its historical pleasures, there is an endless supply of thrills that are awaiting your arrival.  You cannot miss the opportunity to discover a unique destination painted with structures of architectural magnificence and feel the ambiance of such an enchanting paradise.  With many sights of treasured jewels, Akaroa, New Zealand offers its visitors a little piece of heaven.

Situated in the core of a historic volcano, Akaroa is a charming village on Banks Peninsula in New Zealand.  With a harbor bearing its name, this destination is host to a world of al fresco adventures and historic attractions lurking throughout its striking landscape.  The crystal clear waters of the Akaroa Harbor are home to New Zealand’s most exotic creatures and offer a plethora of activities from kayaking and jet skiing to swimming and sailing with dolphins.   Enjoy a glass of wine with majestic views of Banks Peninsula’s emerald mountainsides at the Akaroa Winery and Meniscus Wine Vineyard.  Get up close to the furry alpacas and observe their interesting behaviors at the Shamarra Alpaca Farm.  In addition, step back into time and explore the exhibitions relating to the ancient civilization of the peninsula at the museums.   

Enjoy an afternoon of shopping at the shops and boutiques that are dotted along the cobblestone streets.  Genuine New Zealand souvenirs such as antiques, jewelry, clothing, postcards, wines, and produce elaborately decorate the trendy shopping districts.  Oh what a pleasure it is to feel authentic fabrics like sheepskin slip between your fingers.  This unique cultural experience of Akaroa gives fashionistas the opportunity to meet friendly locals and cure their shopping addictions without the long lines and bustling stores.

From the popular fish ‘n’ chips to fine cuisine, the gastronomic experience is a delight to any pallet.  The restaurants overflow with aromas from baked treats, seafood, chorizo, and meats flavored to perfection.  Whether you choose to dine under the magical sky or you prefer an intimate indoor setting, Akaroa’s beautiful sceneries of water and hilly pastures are never far behind. 

Akaroa experiences a humid moderate climate.  From the months of December to March (warm season), the weather averages from a daily high within the70s to the low 50s. During the months of May to August (cold season), the temperature ranges between a high in the 50s to the low 30s.

Traveling throughout Akaroa’s beautiful landscape is a captivating discovery of interesting sites. There are a variety of bus tours and cruises that provide transportation to various activities in the village as well as its neighboring destinations.  Also, the lush trials of Banks Peninsula lead to a gateway of natural wonders and unexpected treasures so brilliant, you cannot fully grasp the beauty that surrounds this striking destination.