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Boca da Valeria is a remote Indian village on the confluence of the Amazon and Rio da Valeria in Brazil. (Photo via JudyDillon / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Boca Da Valeria

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Set in the beautiful country of Brazil, Boca da Valeria is a small community located where the Valeria River and Amazon River meets.  This village is unparallel to any other Brazilian destination because of the extraordinary and authentic lifestyles of the local Indians.  You will not find luxury hotels, restaurants, or even paved roads; instead Boca de Valeria is surrounded by a spirit, beauty, and charm uplifted in the smiles of its brightly dressed children and natives, who welcome their guests with open arms.   Boca da Valeria, Brazil is an unusual stop but it is definitely worth the visit, giving everyone in its path an in-depth look into the Amazonian culture.

Words cannot fully describe this pocket-size treasure nestled behind verdant jungles, echoing the radiant cries of the wild.  Its picturesque houses glide in the air like men on stilts to prevent erosion, while many of its trees can be seen with their heads peeking above the streams.  Although Boca da Valeria’s civilization is very different to the rest of Brazil and modern society, there is much to be cherished of its warm inhabitants and rich history.  Its classic way of life have survived the test of time and valued as preserved generational traditions.  Its locals are proud to share their sacred customs through cheerful greetings as well as performances, especially through their artful handicrafts, which are expected to be respected as souvenirs and fit for every pocket. 

Boca da Valeria experiences wet tropical rainforest climate.  During the months of December to April (warm season) the temperature averages from a daily in the 90s and to a low in the mid-70s.  From June to September (cold season) the weather ranges from an everyday high in the low-80s and decreases to the low70s at night.

Boca da Valeria is a popular destination visited via cruise ship.  Since it is positioned at the mouth of the Valeria River, small boats are the main source of transportation. You can also tour the village on foot.