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View from the top of Kaieteur falls Guyana South America.  (photo via D-Arnaud/iStock/Getty Images Plus)


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View from the top of Kaieteur falls Guyana South America.  (photo via D-Arnaud/iStock/Getty Images Plus)
View from the top of Kaieteur falls Guyana South America. (photo via D-Arnaud/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Tropical, scenic Guyana is a haven for nature lovers, adventurists, eco-tourists and culture diggers. Situated on the Atlantic Ocean, this South American country boasts beaches, Amazonian rainforests, wildlife and indigenous culture.

Among the popular activities in Guyana are bird watching, with more than 815 species, in areas like Kaieteur National Park, the Essequibo Region, coastal areas and Georgetown, Guyana’s capital. Those who like to fish will find plenty of opportunities in the rivers of Guyana, the Land of Many Waters, from mid February to late April and from late August to late November. In particular, the Amazon River has more than 1,800 fish species. Additional adventures include mountain climbing at Mount Roraima and guided rainforest trekking, where visitors can mingle with indigenous people.

Guyana offers many natural attractions in its four geographical zones: the coast, forests, mountains and savannas. Among them are more than 300 waterfalls; beaches like Hamburg Beach (on Tiger Island), Saxacalli Beach and Shell Beach; the Rupununi Savannah; and the North Rupununi Wetland.

The vast majority of Guyana’s population lives along the coast, primarily in Georgetown, with tree-lined streets, Dutch colonial and Victorian architecture, and canals. Here, visitors will find most of the country’s museums, like the Guyana National Museum, with a collection of flora and fauna, precious stones, archaeological finds; Castellani House, home of the National Gallery of Art; and the Museum of African Heritage, with African art and artifacts. Georgetown also offers markets, arcades, malls and street vendors selling local products, including handmade slippers, leather crafts, beaded crafts and jewelry, especially gold and diamonds mined in Guyana.

Cuisine in Guyana is eclectic, with specialties like curries, seafood and pepperpot, Guyana’s national dish, consisting of stewed meat flavored with cinnamon and hot peppers. Brazilian and Chinese food can also be found here. In the evening, Georgetown offers bars, clubs, Latin parties, poolside band performances and karaoke bars.

Guyana’s main airport is Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Georgetown, which is served by four airlines with direct service from Miami and New York. Taxis are available. In addition, visitors with special clearances can reach Guyana by a ferry crossing on the Suriname/Guyana border and by sailing up the Essequibo River from the Atlantic Ocean to the town of Bartica. Within Georgetown, most streets are laid out in almost perfect rectangles, making it easy for visitors to find their way around. In addition, there are taxis offering fixed fares for most distances, as well as mini buses that operate in designated zones.

Guyana’s tropical climate ensures high temperatures and rainfall nearly year-round, although the northeast trade winds bring sea breezes during the day. Guyana has not withstood any hurricanes due to its location south of their path. In Georgetown, average daytime temperatures are fairly consistent, ranging from 84 degrees during winter to 90 degrees during summer, and overnight lows around 73 degrees.