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Samoa Island.Tropical beach on Samoa Island with palm trees. (photo via carmengabriela / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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Nestled in the beautiful country of Samoa, Apia is an exotic treasure. Miles of unspoiled wonders and trees dripping with tropical fruits makes this city a paradisiacal haven, worthy of discovery. Its vibrant culture is transparent in the pride of the friendly locals and fascinating sights that are sprinkled along the Apia’s picturesque landscape. From its aquatic thrills to the historical jewels, there is a great spectrum of mesmerizing attractions. Its luxurious amenities make this city one of the most unique destinations in the world. Apia, Samoa is an enchanting city, whose beauty and charm remains timeless.

Sliding off the Papase’ea or Letava rocks and splashing into the cool crystal clear water below may be an exciting start to your unforgettable getaway. Divers will appreciate the sparkling coral reefs and exotic fish that beautify the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve. Immersed in magnificence, Apia is the only city in Samoa and it is situated on the country’s Upolu Island in the South Pacific. Its profound heritage prevails from the bottom of the ocean floor to its dense rainforests. Historians will enjoy the Museum of Samoa, which is lavishly draped with historical findings significant to Samoa’s heritage. The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum is a tribute to the writer’s past with its collections of his noteworthy works such as Treasure Island and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. For an opportunity to stop and smell the roses, Vailima Botanical Gardens glistens with stunning flowers.

Shopping in Apia is a feast for all five senses. The Savalalo Flea Market offers a wide array of treasured souvenirs. The multihued décor of sarongs, mats, handicrafts, and fascinating jewelry decorate almost every nook and cranny. For a taste of the Pacific, Apia’s Fish Market overflows with the aromas of fish, crab, and eel of different species. The Fugalei Fresh Product Market displays a rainbow-effect of juicy fresh fruits readily available for your consumption. Enjoy a night of serenity while visiting the local hot spots and indulging in mouthwatering specialties over tasty beverages. The hypnotic movements of Samoan dances are a delight. From fire knife performances to the Siva dancers, the traditions of the locals are electrifying.

The regional cuisine of Apia is a cultural phenomenon. The delicacies of the sea are flavored to perfection using fig leaves as well as other tropical fruits and vegetables. Over an open fire, the amazing scents of octopus, fish, chicken, and pork simmer in the juices of freshly picked ingredients, and their aromas will make your pallet tingle with delight. Follow your nose and sink your teeth into foods so delicious, your appetite will beg for more.

Apia experiences a tropical rainforest climate. During the months of March to May (warm season), the weather averages between the high 80s to the mid-70s. In July to August (cold season), the temperature ranges from a high of the mid-80s to the low 70s.

With pleasant weather, traveling through Apia is an enjoyable experience. To mingle with the welcoming locals, buses are a convenient means of transportation. Since there are no bus stops, passengers are expected to flag one down in order to ride it. Hop aboard the Interisland Ferry and sail across the Pacific, which is a thrilling way explore Samoa’s different islands. Taxis are plentiful and travelers are encouraged to negotiate the price before getting into the car. With a valid foreign driver’s license, tourists can rent a car and tour the city flexibly. However, walking is a great way to discover some unexpected highlights and bask in Apia’s cultural ambiance.