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Can You Avoid Baggage Fees by Wearing Your Luggage?

Airlines & Airports Janeen Christoff February 15, 2017

Can You Avoid Baggage Fees by Wearing Your Luggage?

PHOTO: Is excess baggage negatively impacting your life? (Photo via Flickr/Katy Warner)

Baggage fees are now entrenched in the travel experience, which means that companies are now dreaming up new and improved ways to lessen the burden. Enter the “Airport Jacket,” which Daily Mail says may hold the answer to avoiding excessive baggage fees. 

“The coat can be worn three ways, including hip length and full length, with the manufacturer, Juice Promotions Australia, claiming that it allows you to 'beat the baggage queues, escape excess baggage fees and eliminate lost luggage,” writes Ted Thornhill.

Basically, there’s no need to even bring a bag, according to the designer. 

'Essentially this coat would allow you to carry onboard everything you would need for an overnight or long weekend stay without worrying about your luggage getting lost or paying excessive baggage fees,” product designer Andy Benke tells the Daily Mail.

Product designer Andy Benke said:

It’s not surprising how Benke and co-designer Claire Murphy came to this travel revelation. 

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“We had so much extra carry-on luggage because of our baby that the airline tried to charge us $140 – more than the cost of our flight! We started jamming clothes, computer chargers, nappies and toys into my pockets until we were right on the weight limit, but everything was spilling out of my pockets and the journey was pretty uncomfortable,” Murphy tells the Daily Mail. 

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