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Uber, Lyft Show No Signs Of Slowing With Business Travelers

Business Travel Gabe Zaldivar October 20, 2016

Uber, Lyft Show No Signs Of Slowing With Business Travelers

PHOTO: Rider flaunts Uber app in front of a taxi. (Photo courtesy Flickr/Nucleo Editorial

What taxis?

Travel expense software provider Certify unveiled the results of its latest SpendSmart report, which took into account millions of expense receipts and found that, in the realm of ground transportation, it’s Uber’s world and we are all just leasing a little plot of land.

The above link will take you to the full results, which gives you a glimpse at those brands that resonate extremely well with business travelers. These are the people who live on the road and must therefore savor comfort wherever they can find it.

The most intriguing aspect of the report this time around is the fact that Uber, and ride-sharing in general, has become the established manner of ground transportation.

Taxis, it’s been nice and all, but it’s clear that ride-hailing apps are not just the future but very much the present for corporate travelers.

As the report illustrates, ride-hailing options now account for 52 percent of national ground transportation transactions, which is a three-percent bump from the previous quarter.

This number breaks down into an even bigger disparity as Uber is 48 percent of the transactions while Lyft adds four points to the results.

Via press release, Certify CEO, Robert Neveu, remarked on the results: “Of all the disruptive technologies to come out of the sharing economy over the past several years, nothing has captured the interest of businesspeople or captured more headlines in the media than Uber and global rise of ride hailing. Tracking at 52 percent of the ground transportation total in the third quarter, it’s remarkable to see that ride hailing is now more frequently expensed by business travelers than taxi and car rental combined, and more popular than taxi at anytime during the three years Certify has been reporting on this data.”

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Uber has allowed business travelers the ability to quickly and easily call for a ride while also logging how much they spent simply within the app. It’s obvious why it’s become such an ingrained part of the industry and continues to rise in popularity.

The survey had some other winners, namely restaurants that serve a very quick meal. Starbucks wins in the restaurants category, followed by McDonald’s and Panera Bread. American is the most expensed airline, but Southwest is the highest rated, followed by Alaska and JetBlue.

The entire survey is a stark view at the brands that do the best job of catering to the business traveler, which is anyone who wants comfort and convenience at a great cost.

We think just about any traveler will find a lot in common with the results.