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Comparing the Presidential Candidates to Cruise Lines

Cruise Line & Cruise Ship Celebrity Cruises Jason Leppert November 07, 2016

Comparing the Presidential Candidates to Cruise Lines

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Ahead of tomorrow’s election day, has cleverly crafted a comparison between the five primary presidential candidates and different cruise brands, with Democrat Hillary Clinton aligning with a premium company and Republican Donald Trump a standard mainstream company, according to the website. Check out how it breaks down below and see if you agree.

Hillary Clinton (Democratic Party) ~ Celebrity Cruises describes both Hillary Clinton and Celebrity Cruises as “formal yet comfortable,” going on to say pant suits are a perfect selection for the line’s “evening chic” dress code. Plus, as Captain Kate McCue was assigned by Celebrity as the first female captain of a major cruise ship, so too might Hillary become the first woman president of the United States.

What’s more, the website points out the charitable givings of both the candidate and cruise line like the Clinton Foundation and the company’s partnerships with the United Way, G.I.V.E, Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

On a more humorous note, the website jokes that the Apple computer iLounge, “is a great spot for reading - or, um, deleting - emails,” and a potential problem of her election would be the breaking of the glass ceiling above the Solarium pool.

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Donald Trump (Republican Party) ~ Carnival Cruise Line

On the flip side, places Donald Trump on par with Carnival Cruise Line for each of their loyal followings and focus on the American middle class. Just as Carnival appeals to first-time cruisers, the website indicates Trump also draws in those outside of politics.

Also, both Carnival and Trump espouse an “America-first” approach with the candidate’s “Make America Great Again” campaign and the cruise line’s fleet majority of U.S. home-porting ships.

Comedically, the website compares the modesty of Carnival claiming itself as the “World’s Most Popular Cruise Line” and Trump’s assertion that he’s the most popular candidate ever, who if he created his own would make it, “the best cruise line and have yuge ships.” It adds that a potential problem of him winning would be that, “If Trump were to adopt Carnival as his official cruise line, Carnival might have to build a wall around the Blue Iguana Cantina.”

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Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) ~ Norwegian Cruise Line

Meanwhile, looking at the remaining candidates more quickly, considers Gary Johnson similar to Norwegian Cruise Line for their freedom of choice philosophies embodied by Freestyle Cruising, although the Libertarian ideal of fewer tax burdens is contrary to Norwegian’s surcharges.

Jill Stein (Green Party) ~ Royal Caribbean International

Linking Jill Stein with Royal Caribbean International says is a focus on environmental stewardship and preventative health care via green policies and fitness facilities.

Darrell Castle (Constitution Party) ~ American Cruise Lines

Lastly, the website considers Darrel Castle similar to American Cruise Lines because of their patriotic approaches realized with American built and operated ships and traditional approaches where history matters.