Last updated: 02:30 PM ET, Fri January 30 2015 Reveals Americans’ Most Popular Destinations

Destination & Tourism Ryan Rudnansky January 30, 2015 Reveals Americans’ Most Popular Destinations

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Booking website revealed the most popular destinations for Americans on Thursday via data from its Hotel Price Index (HPI).

The data unveils the top domestic and international hotspots for Americans, as well as the most popular sites in America for international travelers.

Las Vegas, New York City, Orlando, Los Angeles and San Diego were the top five domestic destinations. California, Texas and Florida included nearly half of the 25 most popular domestic cities, while Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, Denver and Charlotte, N.C. experienced significant growth. Denver surpassed Miami as the 14th most popular U.S. city, and Charlotte jumped past Tampa, Fla. and Myrtle Beach, S.C. to claim No. 24. Salt Lake City and Albuquerque each jumped five spots to No. 35 and No. 42, respectively.

London, Paris, Toronto, Rome and Vancouver were the most popular international destinations for Americans. Mexico continues to be a popular American destination, as Cancun/Riviera Maya moved up four spots from last year to claim No. 6, ahead of Montreal, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Barcelona. Vallarta (No. 38) and Copenhagen (No. 29) experienced the most growth of all the top international destinations, climbing seven spots each.

Edinburgh also increased in popularity, moving up six spots to No. 44, while Singapore (up four to No. 17) and Sydney (up five spots to No. 27) experienced significant increases, as well.

International travelers predictably favor New York City the most, with countries such as France, Germany, Spain and the UK visiting the metropolis frequently.

Orlando—the third-most popular U.S. destination for international travelers—drew particular interest among Brazilian and Columbian travelers.

San Antonio was the U.S. destination most visited by Mexican travelers, knocking Las Vegas out of the top spot.

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