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These Are the World’s Trendiest Destinations

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff November 11, 2016

These Are the World’s Trendiest Destinations

Photo courtesy Japan National Tourism Organization.  

Why a country surges in popularity is not always an easy thing to pin down, but no doubt, these destinations are popping up constantly in your newsfeed, says GrindTV. 

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you really want to visit a country because it truly interests you or because Instagram is telling you you’re blowing it if you don’t. And sometimes it’s a little bit of both,” writes Beau Flemister. 

Iceland, Cuba, Bali — these are the destinations blowing up your Insta right now, says GrindTV. 

American visitors have actually outpaced the population in Iceland due to its exotic charm. 

“The island is also very drivable; you’ll surely see towering waterfalls, mystic fjords, volcanoes, glaciers, emerald mossy lava fields and smoky hot springs,” writes Flemister. 

Cuba, perceived as out of reach for many, is also a draw. 

“For decades, Cuba was the USA’s forbidden fruit, just out of arm’s reach and even on the verge of nuclear war in 1962. Today, we’ve put that all behind us.Travelers of all kinds long to roam Havana’s dreamy, frozen-in-time streets, explore the inland jungles and have daiquiris in bars that Hemingway once frequented,” says Flemister. 

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Japan has also curried favor as a trending destination. 

“A nation and culture so inimitably unique. From the Old World countryside to the futuristic cities, Japan is truly like nowhere else on Earth,” Flemister reports. 

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