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Pokemon Go Madness Has Reached Its Ferry Disruption Phase

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | August 12, 2016

Pokemon Go Madness Has Reached Its Ferry Disruption Phase

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It’s all fun and games until Pokemon Go starts impeding the local ferry operations.

The Maritime Executive reports on several instances around the globe that are concerning ferry officials who have to contend with a new blight on society: the rabid Pokemon Go player.

For the uninitiated, we have covered the game before and its wonderful ability to get people to expand their own universe by meandering the neighborhood and neighborhoods they may not have previously considered to visit.

At its best, the game is a brilliant and effective travel tool. At its worst, it causes something of a traffic jam of Go enthusiasts around areas known as PokeStops that are particularly useful in the game.

It sounds like a grand time, but location is everything in this case. And some PokeStops, which act like Pokemon watering holes that attract human gamers to its location, are in sensitive areas that should be off limits to people loitering in its vicinity.

The Maritime Executive highlights issues arising in Edmonds (Washington), Toronto and Cornwall, England.

In the case of Edmonds, local Washington State Ferry official Ian Sterling explained, “We had literally hundreds of people who play the game that keep coming out here onto the terminal area.”

Of particular concern was local denizens walking to the end of a ramp. The issue was taken up with a US Coast Guard official, Petty Officer Ali Flockerzi, who was hopeful Nintendo would address the issue.

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At Toronto’s Jack Layton Ferry Terminal gamers are causing even more traffic jams at a location that reportedly welcomes some 25,000 commuters a day.

Back in Cornwall, officials contend that players are causing an absolute ruckus with their virtual monster catching ways. Things have become so bad that Spyke O’Hanlin, a Pokemon online community member –which is a thing we now know exists – attempted to convince his fellow enthusiasts.

The report quotes O’Hanlin: “The people working on the ferry are just doing their job. I do not think it's too much to ask for passengers to conduct themselves in a decent manner.”

The same goes for the rest of you around the world. Whether near a ferry, intersection or someone’s house. Try to ask yourself one simple question: Should I really be here?

This is a wonderful game that gets so many people out to explore the area. But common sense will go a long way to keeping modern infrastructure moving as you get your Pikachu or some such thing.


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