Last updated: 05:06 PM ET, Fri October 28 2016

Thank James Bond, Spectre For Mexico City’s New Day Of The Dead Parade

Entertainment Gabe Zaldivar October 28, 2016

Thank James Bond, Spectre For Mexico City’s New Day Of The Dead Parade

Day of the Dead plays out according to 2015’s “Spectre.” (Photo courtesy Columbia Pictures via YouTube/Movie Maker)

You can thank Daniel Craig’s recent turn as James Bond in the movie “Spectre” for what could possibly be an annual event in Mexico City.

As CNN reports, officials took one look at the enthralling opening shots of the 2015 movie and began to think that a Dia de los Muertos party is just what the city needed.

Of course, this might come as surprising news to many of you. You perhaps left the theater with the assumption that what you saw on screen was a faithful recreation of the Day of the Dead parade that takes place every year at this time.

In fact, it was simply a fanciful idea that made it from script to screen to, as it would seem, into the realm of reality.

CNN states: “On Saturday, October 29, Mexico City will host its first ever Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) moving parade. It's an event Mexico hopes will eventually rival the Carnival of Brazil.”

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For the uninitiated, the Day of the Dead is a Mexican cultural celebration of those friends and family who have passed away and culminates at the start of November.

Bond (Craig) moves around the streets as a boisterous parade celebrating death takes place all around him. There is a rhythmic pulse to the city that reverberates off the screen and mesmerizes the audience.

It’s impossible not to want to experience that very parade at some point in your life. Prior to the movie’s opening, that just wasn’t possible on this type of scale.

Well, the real thing may just be even bigger as it unfolds on Saturday starting at the Angel of Independence and ending at Zocalo with an estimated 150,000 participants in attendance. As CNN notes, even that number could reach in upwards of one million people.

Creative director Alejandra González Anaya explained to CNN: “As a result of the James Bond film we have decided to take advantage of the spotlight and put on the streets a great offering which we give to our dead. I think it's an opportunity for all Mexicans to show the world what the tradition is made of.”

While we can’t promise any secret agents will be in attendance, we can assume that the joy and vitality present on film will most assuredly be featured around town.