Last updated: 10:00 AM ET, Thu September 22 2016

WATCH: Pokemon Go Players Mob Tokyo Mall Area

Entertainment Gabe Zaldivar September 22, 2016

WATCH: Pokemon Go Players Mob Tokyo Mall Area

Photo courtesy YouTube

Pokémon Go continues to dominate the world. It just so happens that in some parts of the world the domination is more concentrated than others.

Digg spotted the following video that illustrates how traffic jams can appear when a very rare Pokémon is on the loose.

What we see is an intersection on Tokyo’s Odaiba island. And it’s what happens when those in the area catch wind that there is a Lapras in the area.

At some points of the video you can see a flood of people jog to get to a place where they can claim their virtual prize in the Pokémon Go game that continues to envelop the world.

The area is reportedly Odaiba island, which describes as a, “a popular shopping and entertainment district on a man made island in Tokyo Bay.”

Recently it became the sight of a deluge of locals and presumed tourists who were eager to claim a Lapras as part of their respective Pokédex.

We previously covered stories from parts of the world wherein Pokémon Go was causing quite the issue with various parts of the local infrastructure.  

For example, a Washington State ferry terminal has been inundated with people playing the game in areas that just aren’t safe.

And so it goes for officials in Odaiba, which Digg states: “The police had to help coordinate the throngs and even reached out to the game developers, asking them to relocate the digital creature.”

We reiterate that the game is a brilliant tool to get you out and exploring areas familiar and foreign.

But there is a point when a craze becomes insane. At this corner on a manmade island in Tokyo, that certainly seems to be the case.