Last updated: 04:45 PM ET, Tue November 29 2016

As Predicted, Thanksgiving Travel Booms

Features & Advice Janeen Christoff November 29, 2016

As Predicted, Thanksgiving Travel Booms

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As predicted, Thanksgiving travel was up and Sunday was definitely the busiest day of the year, reports WFIE in Evansville, Ind. 

“Millions of people headed home after the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend that typically brings a lot more people on the roads and in the airways,” reports Brittany Harry. 

TripAdvisor is reporting that Thanksgiving travel was up 7 percent and that 22 percent of people traveled home for the holiday. 

While there were more travelers than usual, the Evansville Regional Airport was prepared for the influx. 

"I like flying in and out of Evansville, just because it's generally really low key and you don't have to worry about the madhouses like you typically have to at the larger airports," Tim Weidner told WFIE.

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TripAdvisor also reported that more people traveled by plane but roads were still the busiest. 

“TripAdvisor found roads were the busiest as 63 percent of travelers drove to their Thanksgiving destination, while another 33 percent took to the airways,” writes Harry.

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