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Here’s How to Cut Holiday Travel Expenses

Features & Advice Janeen Christoff December 01, 2016

Here’s How to Cut Holiday Travel Expenses

PHOTO: Using a flight tracker like Google Flights can score airfare savings. (Photo courtesy Google) 

By employing some of the tips the pros use in business travel, holiday travelers can save big. 

“Most folks love to travel, but it's an expensive hobby -- especially if you venture outside the country. The airfares, the hotels, even just staying connected... it all adds up quickly. At this time of year, it adds up even more,” says Rick Broida for CNet

He advises travelers who are looking for cheap flights use multiple airfare tracking tools. 

“Use multiple airfare trackers, because one might catch what another misses. In addition to the two I've discussed here, Airfarewatchdog, Kayak and Yapta all offer flight monitoring and notifications,” Broida advises. 

He also suggests that travelers pay for Wi-Fi access in advance. 

“Whenever I get on a Delta flight, I'm fairly appalled by the charges for in-flight Wi-Fi. It varies, of course, from airline to airline and route to route, but one thing I've learned is that it's almost always cheaper if you buy in advance,” Broida says. 

He also notes that you don’t have to buy from the airlines themselves. Gogo is an in-flight Wi-Fi service that is available on most airlines and you can get cheaper passes directly through Gogo. 

Broida also points out that there’s also an Airbnb for cars.  

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“Turo lets you rent cars from individuals -- often for significantly less money than you'd pay a rental service. Just choose your dates and location to see what's available and for how much,” he recommends. 

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