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The Top 15 Movie Tours To Take This Summer

Features & Advice Christine Bord March 22, 2016

The Top 15 Movie Tours To Take This Summer

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Whether you're planning a family road trip through Arizona or a pilgrimage to Middle Earth this summer, there is a movie tour just waiting for you. Here are our 15 top movie tour picks for 2016.

Atlanta Movie Tours, Atlanta, GA

Currently, Atlanta is the third most popular filming location, behind New York and Los Angeles, in the U.S. "Captain America: Civil War," "Ant-Man," "Dirty Grandpa" and "Ride Along 2" are just a few of the recent films shot in Georgia. So, it's no surprise there is an Atlanta Film Sites Tour that will bring you on a "journey through the streets of Atlanta, to discover some of the most memorable locations featured on the silver screen."

Warner Bros. Studio Tour, Los Angeles, CA

Each city has its own mandatory tourist trap and in L.A., it's a studio tour. Of the many tours offered, Warner Brothers' is considered the best as it is not only an historic site, it is also an active lot with more than a dozen movie or TV shows filming that at any one time. Fans of the TV series "Gilmore Girls" are especially excited about this one as Stars Hollow has been resurrected on the lot for a short time while they film their new Netflix episodes.

Starline L. A. Movie Locations Tour, Los Angeles, CA

TCM presents this tour of more than 50 movie locations in Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles. What sets it apart? Fans can watch movies on a big screen as they pass by the iconic streets where the the scenes were shot.

Reel Tours Hawaii, Oahu, HI

This tour group's tagline sums it up better than we can - "We love movies. We Love Hawaii. Welcome to the best of both worlds." The highlight of the Hawaii tour is a visit to Kualoa Ranch where "Jurassic Park" and "Jurassic World" were filmed and where you can still spot a Triceratops Skull or two hanging around.

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Savannah Movie Tour, Savannah, GA

Savannah, Georgia might not seem like a hotbed of film activity but it has hosted more than 75 films, including "Forest Gump" and, most recently, the new "Baywatch" movie starring Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson.

James Bond Bus Tour, London, UK

If you can't be 007, at least you can visit his favorite hangouts. Brit Movie Tours' James Bond Tour of London visits famous locations from the movies, as well as the favorite places of author, Ian Fleming. As a bonus, the tour brings guests to real spy locations associated with espionage.

Popcorn Tour of Toronto, Toronto, ON

This is a fun, new take on the usual walking tour. Participants act out iconic scenes from their favorite filmed-in-Toronto movies, like "Mean Girls" and "Good Will Hunting," between trivia contest and eating popcorn, of course!

Muggle Tours, London, UK

Muggle Tours was voted the number one Harry Potter tour in London and has a near perfect score on TripAdvisor. A nice bonus of this tour is that it's offered every day, not just on weekends like many movie tours.

Lord of the Rings Tour, New Zealand

No matter what your level of fandom, LOTR Tours has something for everyone. Casual fans of the movies can take a half day guided tour of a few filming locations, while  J. R. R. Tolkien's most devoted followers can spend up to nine days on the trail of Middle Earth.

Hunger Games Unofficial Fan Tour, Asheville, NC

This tour makes the list for being so much more than just a tour. Fans can immerse themselves into the world of the "Hunger Games" with hands of activities, including archery lessons, special effects make up camouflage and Archery Tag.

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The Original New Orleans Movie Tour, New Orleans, LA

The NOLA movie tour has become on of the most popular tourist activities in the city and a great way to get off the beaten path in New Orleans.

Old Tucson Tour, Tucson, AZ

Old Tuscon is a hidden gem of movie history, located just outside of Tuscon, Arizona. The Western town was built in 1939 and was used for dozens of movies like "Have Gun Will Travel" and "Rio Bravo."

NBC Studio Tour, New York, NY

While studio tours are a dime a dozen in Los Angeles, there is only one studio tour in NYC. The NBC Studio Tour gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at "The Tonight Show" and "Saturday Night Live", but it isn't just TV shows that have been filmed at Rockefeller Plaza. From classic films like "How To Marry A Millionaire" to more recent hits like "Elf," 30 Rock is one of NYC's most famous filming locations.

Paramount Ranch Tour , Los Angeles, CA

Why take a walking tour when you can take one on horseback instead? Malibu Riders offers a one hour tour through the Paramount Ranch, an old western town that was first opened in 1927 and has been featured in hundreds of movies, on horseback. The tour's slow pace makes it a family-friendly tour, too.

Chicago Movie Tour, Chicago, IL

The Windy City's skyline has made it a favorite for big budget filmmakers. "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," "Transformers 4" and "Divergent" are just a few of the blockbusters that were shot in Chicago and this tour brings fans to their most recognizable locations.