Last updated: 01:00 PM ET, Tue November 22 2016

WATCH: Iceland Reveals How to Take the Perfect 'Safe Selfie'

Features & Advice Patrick Clarke November 22, 2016

WATCH: Iceland Reveals How to Take the Perfect 'Safe Selfie'

Screenshot via YouTube/Inspired by Iceland.

Travelers' efforts to capture the most epic selfies have led to tragedy far too often.

Fortunately, Iceland Academy, an educational video series for tourists from Inspired by Iceland — a public private partnership formed between the Icelandic government, the Icelandic Travel Industry Association and leading travel and tourism companies — has some advice for ambitious travel photographers exploring the Nordic island nation.

In a new video released this week, a local guide provides some common sense tips for scoring a stunning selfie without taking any risks.

"Even though Iceland has scenery to die for, it doesn't mean that you actually need to die for it," the guide states, warning tourists to avoid slippery ledges and other areas where a moment of distraction could spark disaster.

In addition to falling, visitors risk being burned by boiling hot springs and geysers if they attempt to get to close, the guide points out.

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"It's really easy to take amazing selfies here in Iceland, you don't even need a filter," the guide adds. "So please don't take any risks."

Travelers headed to Iceland can also view other helpful videos in the series, including a guide to Icelandic festivals, what to wear and how to capture the Northern Lights, among other things.