Last updated: 12:43 PM ET, Wed January 11 2017

What to Pack for a Northern Lights Adventure

Features & Advice Janeen Christoff November 25, 2016

What to Pack for a Northern Lights Adventure

PHOTO: Northern Lights in Iceland. (Photo courtesy IcelandAir) 

Headed to Iceland to see the Northern Lights? IcelandAir has the perfect handbook for those looking to have the perfect aurora borealis viewing experience. 

Seeing the Northern Lights is a bucket list experience and nobody wants to anything to go wrong during the big trip. IcelandAir is helping ensure that everything goes right with a website dedicated to the Northern Lights. 

Visitors will find detailed information, including the history of the Northern Lights, the lights’ role in folklore, how to spot them, a three-day solar forecast, information on how the lights are triggered and how the colors are created and more. 

Visitors can even play around and create their own aurora lights. 

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IcelandAir has also put together an infographic that spells out exactly what travelers want to have with them when they are going to see the aurora that includes such imperatives as camera lenses and what to wear. 

View the infographic below for tips on seeing the lights.