Last updated: 09:30 AM ET, Fri October 28 2016

Inside Edition Examines Cleanliness At Trump International Washington DC

Hotel & Resort Gabe Zaldivar October 28, 2016

Inside Edition Examines Cleanliness At Trump International Washington DC

PHOTO: Inside Edition tests the cleanliness of Donald Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel. (Photo courtesy Inside Edition)

Inside Edition is back with another round of hotel examinations, including one that shows just how clean that new Trump hotel in Washington D.C. truly is.

As some of you might be aware, Inside Edition unveiled a similar study by spraying pillowcases and sheets with UV lighting paint at various hotels in September. The results were less than stellar. So, Inside Edition went back on the road to some more hotels to yet again illustrate to managers that someone is out there turning over those presumably washed sheets.

One of the locations was none other than Trump International in Washington D.C., a hotel already taking on a great deal of tumult at the moment.

Other than the more famed hotel, Inside Edition went to a Ramada site in Boston, which procured the following statement from a Wyndham Hotel Group spokesperson who offered: “We’re disappointed to learn of this incident as it’s not reflective of our brand values or the guest experience our franchisees strive to provide each and every day. While we do not own or operate this hotel, we appreciate the seriousness of these concerns and have reached out to the hotel’s owner so they may be addressed.”

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As seen in the video, the manager at the LAX-adjacent Sheraton states: “It’s supposed to be completely, one hundred percent changed when it’s a brand new guest.”

Of course, the $900-per night room at the lavish Trump hotel had a hiccup as well. While the sheets and pillowcases were undeniably fresh and clean, the robe that was left slung over a chair was still dirty.

Think about that the next time you step out of the shower and put on what you think is a clean robe.

As of this writing, Inside Edition has not had their inquiry to Trump officials returned. We can only hope they come back and say the robe ordeal was a "yuuuge" mistake.