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No Hotel Discount Is Worth Faking A Government ID

Hotel & Resort Gabe Zaldivar October 28, 2016

No Hotel Discount Is Worth Faking A Government ID

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According to one crazy story, some people will go to insane lengths to nab a discount at a hotel – allegedly.

Fox News reports on a man who runs a dog poop cleanup service who is alleged to have used a fraudulent secret service identification badge to attempt to get out of a traffic ticket as well as garner a discount at an area hotel.

Officials thwarted the ruse and now the man in question, Christopher Diiorio, is facing up to 15 years in prison over federal charges of conspiracy to commit an offense against the U.S.

It’s at this moment that we should remind you that paying full price at a hotel is sometimes the far better option.

The report states that the jig – in the his case the alleged use of a fake ID – was up the moment Diiorio was pulled over for a broken brake light in July. Diiorio – a man whom Fox News explains owns a dog-poop cleaning service called Doodle Scoopers – reportedly flashed an ID card and is now in one tremendous mess.

Perhaps Diiorio expected the officer to relent in giving a ticket from the sheer shock and awe of dealing with an actual Secret Service agent.

Unfortunately for Diiorio, that’s not how things played out.

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The officer just so happened to have a relative who was a Secret Service agent. Taking a gander at the ID, this relative relayed that it was indeed a fake. A month earlier, Diiorio tried the same thing at an unnamed hotel. Fox News states: “On June 18, he used that ID at a hotel, telling the manager he was a Secret Service agent and requesting a discounted government rate for his room.”

According to Diiorio, we presume, one of the perks of working for the government is getting amazingly sweet deals at local hotels.

Sadly for the professional pooper scooper, he is now being charged federally for an offense that is ridiculously close to what many underage college teens get nabbed for at local liquor stores.

It’s important to note that Diiorio has pleaded not guilty. It’s also important to note that it never pays to fake your identification despite the intoxicating allure of discounts at various accommodations in the area.