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Treehouses: A New Luxury Travel Trend?

Hotel & Resort Janeen Christoff October 28, 2016

Treehouses: A New Luxury Travel Trend?

PHOTO: New treehouse stays are popping up around the world. (Photo courtesy Thinkstock)

Gone are the days that staying in a treehouse meant climbing a rickety ladder in your backyard to a precarious clapboard structure in the branches. Now, luxury treehouses are the “it” way to sleep outside. 

“Make it luxe and stick it in the middle of a tropical clime, though, and you’ve got a vacation fantasy fit for well-heeled adults,” says the Malay Online. 

Treehouses seem to be blossoming around the globe and not just concentrated to a few locales. Here are some suggestions from Malay Online.

At Secret Bay in Dominica, there are raising the bar on treetop stays. 

“Its latest addition came online earlier this month: two sprawling duplex villa perched atop the dense forest canopy,” says Malay Online. 

The accommodation even comes with a hammock sofa and a fully equipped kitchen. 

Playa Viva, Juluchuca, Mexico, opened up a cylindrical treehouse last fall as an experiment — and a very successful one. 

“It’s been selling out months in advance—so owner David Leventhal and the California-based crew at ArtisTree Homes are now building another half-dozen,” reports Malay Online. 

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In Bali, the soon-to-open Hoshinoya resort will offer stunning dining in the sky. 

“Hoshinoya resort is going over the top, literally, with a series of seven postmodern, open-air “cafés in the sky” that hover over Ubud’s wild vegetation,” says Malay Online.

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