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How Fast Is Your Hotel's Wi-Fi? Here's How to Find Out.

Travel Technology Ryan Rudnansky July 24, 2014

How Fast Is Your Hotel's Wi-Fi? Here's How to Find Out.

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With free Wi-Fi and high-speed Internet being among the most requested amenities by guests, it’s more important than ever to track hotels’ Wi-Fi service.

And Hotel WiFi Test, a website that tests and predicts Wi-Fi speed, is holding hotels accountable in that regard.

Hotel WiFi Test has recently unveiled a Wi-Fi prediction system for properties it hasn’t tested yet.

The prediction system, which currently assesses Wi-Fi speed for over 108,000 properties worldwide, ensures that Hotel WiFi Test covers more of the globe. By looking at the cities, countries and hotel chains that regularly boast the fastest Wi-Fi speeds, the site can predict what the speed will be at a given property. For example, Hong Kong generally provides faster Wi-Fi service than a destination like Las Vegas, while Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is generally known for having faster Wi-Fi than a lot of other chains.

“Our hotel Wi-Fi speed database is the biggest in the world,” said Yaroslav Goncharov, President of Hotel WiFi Test. “However, in certain cities we still don't have enough hotels tested. This feature closes this gap.”

“Good hotel Wi-Fi is very important for travelers,” he added. “Some time ago, there was even a study that claimed that hotel Wi-Fi is second only to a comfortable bed. Before this feature there was no way to get an idea about Wi-Fi performance in a given hotel. Now you can do it for almost any hotel.”

Hotel WiFi Test has already tested a substantial number of hotels (144 hotels tested in New York City alone), but its prediction system was put in place so that travelers can have access to an even more extensive database before the site and its users eventually test these properties.

Given the growing demand for Wi-Fi at hotels (particularly high-speed Wi-Fi), that makes a site like Hotel WiFi Test an increasingly valuable resource for travelers seeking the kind of service that speaks to them.

And it’s not just about providing free Wi-Fi; it’s about providing free Wi-Fi that is fast enough for guests.

“These days, free Wi-Fi is not good enough for most travelers if it is too slow and unstable,” Goncharov said.

Hotel WiFi Test recently ranked the top hotel chains and properties for Wi-Fi service, taking into account the expectations for smaller and larger hotel companies. Andaz, Le Meridien, Radisson Blu, Four Points and Scandic were the top five hotel chains in the report. The Emblem Hotel (Czech Republic), TradeWinds Island Grand (U.S.), DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago-Arlington Heights, Radisson Blue Hotel Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Pod 39 were the top five properties.

The site currently measures Wi-Fi in hotels that is faster than 5 Mbps to be “decent,” but that number figures to be bumped up in the future as more hotels offer faster service.

Hotel WiFi Test clearly labels the tested and predicted Wi-Fi speeds on the site to avoid any confusion. It has recently added new features such as a map that pinpoints tested and predicted properties on Google Maps and a hotel name search. You can also check Wi-Fi speeds before checking into your hotel room now.

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