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How Technology is Promising A Summer Safe From Sharks

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | June 01, 2016

How Technology is Promising A Summer Safe From Sharks

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The great whites are coming. The great whites are coming.

The Associated Press reports researchers and officials are throwing just about all they’ve got at the dilemma that is a bunch of sharks visiting for the summer.

And, like those rascally in-laws of yours, people don’t exactly celebrate the moment sharks descend upon the area.

According to the report, officials are taking particular care to ensure some measure of safety along America’s east coast.

Thanks to an influx of healthy seals, there is an expected wave of great whites coming in future seasons. Using an arsenal of doodads and contraptions, there is optimism that the sharks can come for a seal smorgasbord while vacationers frolic in the sea safely.

Many of you recall the movie “Jaws” and its character Martin Brody pleading with the mayor to shut down the beaches. 

Thankfully, there’s no need for such actions in real life. The AP reminds that shark attacks are extremely rare despite the resurgence of great whites in the area.

However, a lot is being done to guarantee it stays that way.

For example, the report states the Atlantic Great White Conservancy is currently working on an app that will let users track tagged sharks on their respective phones.

Hardly a perfect safety measure, it will bring us that much closer to a day when we can look on our phones for something akin to a shark report.

There’s even discussion about using automated eyes in the sky to gauge shark patterns. Yes, instead of causing travel headaches, drones may facilitate a watchful eye on the coastline.

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The AP states: “That comes as North Carolina researchers study whether drones can effectively track sharks on the East Coast, as communities in California and Australia already do. They've been testing the technology on decoys so far, but they expect to begin tracking real sharks in the coming week.”

Some of you are already aware of one shark repellent that you can actually wear. Sharkbanz is a company that makes devices it claims repels sharks thanks to magnetic technology.

While not part of the mentioned report, it’s just another way we humans are fighting back against a terrifying albeit extremely rare prospect.

The summer is heating up, which means tourists and sharks are on the way. Thankfully, there is technology that will help separate the two species in innovative ways.


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