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Tech of the Week: OneGo Gives Power Of Unlimited Flights To Travelers

Travel Technology | Gabe Zaldivar | February 04, 2016

Tech of the Week: OneGo Gives Power Of Unlimited Flights To Travelers

Logo via OneGo Facebook

OneGo is putting some credence to the adage that the sky is the limit.

The budding service is allowing travelers an opportunity to enjoy unlimited flights across major airlines departing throughout the nation.

If this kind of thing sounds familiar, it should. It’s being called the Netflix of aviation and it comes during a decade when subscription services abound throughout so many industries.

We have gifts, wine, cheese and a bounty of entertainment delivered to our door every month. With that, we investigate OneGo, which is taking that sentiment 35,000 feet up in the air.

The website breaks down on how you can find yourself flying throughout the country as many times as you please.

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Frequent travelers can simply choose between several regional plans or a nationwide subscription. From there it’s just a matter of downloading the app and scheduling where you want to go next — you can have up to four open reservations at a time.


Nationwide - $2,950 (Over 700 routes, 76 airports)

West Region - $1,500 (Over 35 routes, 14 airports)

Central Region - $1,950 (Over 35 routes, 18 airports)

East Region - $2,300 (Over 158 routes, 39 airports)

Simply, and to the point, “OneGo is transforming the flight booking experience by offering unlimited flights on major airlines for a set monthly fee.”

As to those specific airlines, the website states that you have your choice to fly on the following: Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue Airways, United Airlines and Virgin America.

We were fortunate enough to get a few words from the person behind the innovative service, OneGo CEO and Founder, Paulius Grigas.

Grigas went into some depth as to who might benefit from OneGo as well as what the future holds for a game-changing travel innovation.

TravelPulse: What was the impetus behind OneGo?

Paulius Grigas: I have been an entrepreneur my entire life, so I have always traveled on a regular basis for work purposes. After years of booking my own travel, and sacrificing what was most convenient for me (sometimes having to take a redeye or one-stop flight) in order to stay within budget, I decided that constant price fluctuation was an industry-wide issue that needed to be fixed.

TP: What were the major obstacles to launching a tremendous undertaking such as this?

PG: The major obstacle (though “challenge” is a better word) we encountered was figuring out the correct price for the flat fee — it took a lot of research and a lot of discussion with frequent fliers to figure out how much they typically spend on air travel per month so that OneGo is a beneficial service for them.

TP: In the FAQ, you mention pending add-ons — what features can consumers expect in the next few weeks/months?

PG: All add-ons will be ready in March. We have a few features in mind for the months following, but it’s too early to divulge those details now.

TP: It's still extremely early (you launched February 1) — what demographic do you see embracing your service? Has it been business travelers, eager millennials or all over the place?

PG: Our primary target is the business traveler that, of course, has to travel frequently for work purposes (depending on whether you travel regionally vs. nationally, you will likely need to take four-plus flights per month for OneGo to be beneficial). However, OneGo can be used by all frequent fliers (even typical business travelers will be able to take more leisure trips with our service!).

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TP: Are there any plans to offer a corporate selection for businesses that might see value in the service?

PG: Yes — eventually, we would like to incorporate the ability for one person (e.g., executive assistants, corporate accountants) to control multiple accounts. We think this could be a great recruiting tool for human resource executives at small- and medium-sized businesses as well, since they can promote the fact that their company allows its employees to fly as much as they want (e.g., for holidays, to see relatives, etc.) — of course, within the confines of other existing policies, like vacation days allotted, etc.

TP: Will the selection of cities grow over time?

PG: Yes — we plan to grow our selection of flights, routes, cities available, etc.

TP: Lastly, please feel free to let me know anything you think readers might want to know about this exciting new service.

PG: We think the most important aspect of travel is how seamless it is and how often you can do it. With our flat-rate fee, we eliminate fluctuating prices as well as encourage people to take flight! We think it’s a win/win for everyone.


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