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Top 5 Ways Pokemon Go Has Impacted the Travel Industry

Top 5 Ways Pokemon Go Has Impacted the Travel Industry

Photo courtesy of Travel Planners International

Pokemon Go, the mobile downloaded game that combines reality and a competition to catch hidden creatures has become a legitimate phenomenon. Host agency Travel Planners International (TPI) has witnessed firsthand how the game has impacted the travel industry. Here are some of the biggest ways:

Boosted Travel to Certain Destinations

TPI has determined that Australia, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, and the U.S. are the most popular locales to play the game. In many major U.S. cities, there are Pokemon Go-themed meetups and pub crawls — a great way to meet locals.

Increased Visitors at Cemeteries and Museums

Pokemon Go players have caused an increase in visits to such iconic destinations as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Arlington National Cemetery. Though players should be sure the game can be played at these hallowed places.

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Hotels and Resorts Welcome Pokemon Go

Accommodations have definitely noticed Pokemon Go, according to a professional social media analysis. An interesting way to monopolize on the trend comes from Australia’s Mantra Group, who made its hotel bars into Pokestops in order to increase visitor traffic.

Theme Parks Host Events

Uniquely, SeaWorld Orlando hosted a Pokemon event, which had visitors enter the park early, in a quest to visit 50 Pokestops. And SeaWorld isn’t the only one — Fun Spot America, Busch Gardens Tampa, Bok Tower Gardens and others are getting in on the fun.

Are Your Travel Clients Hooked on Pokemon Go?

TPI says agents should query clients about their interest in Pokemon Go, to see if they can integrate the game into travel plans, sending them to places with a plethora of Pokestops. 

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