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Voyaging Through Remote, Beautiful Indonesia with Silversea

Voyaging Through Remote, Beautiful Indonesia with Silversea

Photo by Karen Edwards

Among its numerous itineraries, luxury small-ship cruise line Silversea traverses secluded paradise in Indonesia. Guest blogger Karen Edwards was onboard Silver Discoverer and wrote a travelogue, highlighting the most sublime, pinch-me moments.

As Edwards puts it, “from snorkeling the world’s most beautiful reefs and scuba diving with Barracuda to hikes to find the mysterious Birds of Paradise and visiting the traditional Asmat people of West Papua.”

Starting in Koror, Palau, the 14-day voyage began with shipboard presentations by biologists, geologists and historians, who imparted knowledge about the western Pacific region about to be explored.

After dinner and sleep, a snorkel tour commenced at Palau’s Southern Rock Islands — part of the Federated States of Micronesia.

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Two days later, the uninhabited island of Pulau Ayu (Ayu Island) was visited via Zodiac, and provided that quintessential palm trees/azure water/digging-toes-into-the-sand experience of paradise.

The next destination, Raja Ampat, provided ambiance that Edwards described as “like something out of a fairy tale.” Here, some of the world’s most biodiverse waters can be visited. Scientists recently recorded over 374 species of fish — a considerable number.

Edwards was able to embrace the Raja Ampat environment in a deeper manner as a certified scuba diver. She dove on Cape Kri, one of Earth’s best dive sites — gliding underwater among the myriad species of fish.

On solid ground, Edwards went on a quest for the elusive, revered Bird of Paradise on Gam Island. Males are known for their Technicolor plumage and complex mating calls.

The final destination of this journey was West Papua, New Guinea, home to the Asmat people. Here, Edwards got to see the locals approach in canoes, wearing authentic dress. She got to meet village elders and see a mock battle performance. Alas, Westernization is beginning to infiltrate among the Asmat, but ancient traditions are still held dear.

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