Last updated: 03:15 PM ET, Tue October 18 2016

Ideal Cruising Weather: Some Like It Hot... But Some Don’t!

Ideal Cruising Weather: Some Like It Hot... But Some Don’t!

Photo courtesy of AmaWaterways

Kristin Karst, Executive Vice President & Co-Owner of AmaWaterways invokes the legendary phrase from the Marilyn Monroe/Tony Curtis/Jack Lemmon flick “Some Like It Hot” when contemplating the relative nature of “great cruising weather”— it’s not the same for everyone.

But AmaWaterways offers itineraries for all seasons and climates, so whether cruisers love or loathe the heat or cold, they’re covered.

July and August European river cruises bring the warmth, welcoming travelers with cold drinks, outdoor cafes and evening strolling. Such tropical Southeast Asia locales as Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar are also a sure bet.

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Other travelers prefer “the allure of clear blue skies and cool, crisp air of autumn or early spring,” as Karst puts it. These times of year are great for hiking and biking, discovering villages along the way. Seeing the tulips and drinking local wines complement the beautiful scenery.

Then there’s Europe in winter, a kaleidoscope of twinkling lights and falling snow. Christmas markets and holiday-themed cruises are highlights of this time period. And to counter the chill, there’s always mulled wine and Irish coffee to enjoy. 

To find out more about cruises for every climate, visit Kristin Karst’s blog.