Miki Taylor


Miki Taylor is founder and CEO of Auburn, Ala.-based Taylor & Co. Travel and creator of the Miss Travelous Blog (misstravelous.com). She can be reached at miki@taylorandcotravel.com.

Latest Articles By Miki Taylor

  • May 2020 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Grace Under Pressure

    Now is the time for travel agents to shine during this hardship.

  • Mar 2020 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Engaging Emails

    Helpful tips to attract clients through email.

  • Feb 2020 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     New Decade, New Year, New Office!

    Refreshing your office and decluttering can lead to a more focused approach to your work.

  • Jan 2020 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     What’s Your Why?

    Focus on what you love to help define your purpose.

  • Dec 2019 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Grow Your Business With Smart Partnerships

    Work with partners who are not currently paired with a travel agent and make sure to promote events both before and after to maximize your business opportunities.

  • Dec 2019 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Take Five

    Take time to voice concerns to suppliers—it'll save you hours of frustration in the long haul.

  • Nov 2019 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Loyalty Is a Two-Way Street

    Know your worth with suppliers as a travel agent.

  • Nov 2019 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Do Your Part!

    By staying organized and having reservation numbers at hand, travel agents can build better relationships with reservations agents.