Miki Taylor


Miki Taylor is founder and CEO of Auburn, Ala.-based Taylor & Co. Travel and creator of the Miss Travelous Blog (misstravelous.com). She can be reached at miki@taylorandcotravel.com.

Latest Articles By Miki Taylor

  • May 2020 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Grace Under Pressure

    Now is the time for travel agents to shine during this hardship.

  • Mar 2020 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Engaging Emails

    Helpful tips to attract clients through email.

  • Feb 2020 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     New Decade, New Year, New Office!

    Refreshing your office and decluttering can lead to a more focused approach to your work.

  • Jan 2020 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     What’s Your Why?

    Focus on what you love to help define your purpose.

  • Dec 2019 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Grow Your Business With Smart Partnerships

    Work with partners who are not currently paired with a travel agent and make sure to promote events both before and after to maximize your business opportunities.

  • Dec 2019 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Take Five

    Take time to voice concerns to suppliers—it'll save you hours of frustration in the long haul.

  • Nov 2019 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Loyalty Is a Two-Way Street

    Know your worth with suppliers as a travel agent.

  • Nov 2019 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Do Your Part!

    By staying organized and having reservation numbers at hand, travel agents can build better relationships with reservations agents.

  • Oct 2019 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Winning Over The Skeptics

    You may have to work twice as hard for travelers who have worked with bad travel agents in the past, but they are sure to sing your praises after a great experience.

  • Oct 2019 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Getting Social

    This is the fifth and final column in a five-part series about the importance of building your business foundation with W-I-C-S (Website, Itinerary, CRM, Social Media).