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North America is the ultimate continental playground. The decadent diner and playboy will get as much out of their North American travel experience as the wilderness explorers and the history buffs. Empty enough to get lost in, but with dense urban centers attracting the best in global culture, every traveler can find exactly what they are looking for in North America. Mountain peaks extend beyond 40,000 feet and gorgeous coastlines runs from Anchorage to Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun to Halifax. North American travel options are nothing if not diverse. Attack the powder at Utah’s epic ski resorts or get caught up in modern and Aztec history in the Mexico City megalopolis. 

Any North American destination is easily accessible from afar by air as East and West Coast cities like New York City and Los Angeles are home to large airports which serve as portals of exploration to the rest of the continent. Once in North America, flight is still the best bet for traveling quickly. All large cities have international airports and many smaller cities have domestic or regional airports serviced by major airlines or their affiliates. However, a great infrastructure of roadways, the United States interstate highway system in particular, makes driving a very feasible alternative. Seldom exploited by visitors or residents, the railroads also offer a unique view of North America’s natural diversity for travelers with a bit of extra time.

Home to urban centers as diverse as its geography even the most urbane traveler will not be disappointed with the North American urban offering. The charm of Montreal, the architecture of Chicago, and the inimitable bay atmosphere of San Francisco are just some of the highlights of a North American urban landscape as variegated as the tundra of northern Canada, verdant forests of the Pacific Northwest, and the deserts of the southwestern United States and Mexico that help make up its geography. The pleasure of North American travel is the discord -- the breathtaking wilderness, bustling metropolises, exciting histories, and expanses of explorable space that co-exist to offer up the best for any type of traveler. 

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