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Atardecer en el malecon de la paz (Photo via vic-yee68 / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

La Paz

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Isla espiritu santo, la paz, MEXICO (Photo via vic-yee68 / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
PHOTO: Isla Espiritu Santo, Mexico (Photo via vic-yee68/ iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Stretched alongside the sparkling Sea of Cortes, La Paz is a unique city blessed with miles of unspoiled scenery. It is one of Mexico’s most precious gems, with natural beauty reflected from its desert surroundings, pristine beaches, nearby islands, and antique preservations. This destination is a perfect escape for tourists in search of relaxation combined with a bit of culture. Grab your swim suit and watch your footprints fade away in the sand as you stroll towards the ocean dotted with multicolored fish, flora and fauna. Or visit the iconic treasures draped with ancient legends and artifacts. No matter what your interests may be, this city offers a special treat for every traveler to enjoy. La Paz, Mexico will make you fall in love with its impeccable sights; and it undeniably magnetizes every tourist with its home away from home presence.

La Paz, the Spanish word for peace, adorns its guests with a serene atmosphere where friendly locals and even dolphins excitingly greet you, Hola! From a profound history in the pearl industry to its reigning title as capital of the Baja Sur California State, the city currently serves as a major port and political hub. With a stroll along its narrow trails, you will be amazed to see the wonderful attractions that beg to be explored. Come relax under the tropical trees in the emerald Velasco Garden, which exquisitely decorates La Paz’s main square (zocalo). The historical Catedral de Nuestra Senora is also located in the square, and it displays a décor of ancient paintings. Take a journey to the city’s past by visiting the Museum of National History and the Regional Anthropology and History Museum, which bursts at the seams with historical collections pertaining to La Paz’s early civilization. In addition, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the mystical caves or sail the Sea of Cortes with whales and dolphins lurking close by.

Shopping in La Paz is an enchanting affair. The zocalo has its share of shops and cafés filled to the brim with vibrant Mexican treats. Dance under the stars to festive Spanish music and international hits while sampling some of La Paz’s signature beverages and speciaties. The gastronomic experience of La Paz is also a cultural phenomenon. Chefs are excellent at tantalizing your pallets with traditional Spanish delicacies. From seafood to an assortment of meats flavored with daminia in addition to other spices, the culinary temptations will quench any appetite.

La Paz experiences a hot desert climate. In the months of May to October (warm season), the temperatures fluctuate between a daily high within the 90s and a low in the high 70s. During November to February (cold season) the weather maintains an everyday high in the mid-70s and decreases to a low in the 50s.

There are a variety of tours that provide an extensive look into La Paz’s highlights. Public buses are accessible and inexpensive but normally overcrowded. Collectivos (bus-like taxis) are great for traveling with large groups to various attractions. Also, taxis are available but to travel at a low price, negotiating is highly suggested before starting on your journey (many drivers may not speak English). However, since La Paz’s landscape is relatively small, the city can be best discovered on foot.