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Sonoran Desert in full spring Bloom at sunset in Scottsdale, Arizona (photo via SMcGuire45 / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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Arizona Canal running through Scottsdale,Az,USA at sunset (photo via BCFC / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
Arizona Canal running through Scottsdale,Az,USA at sunset (photo via BCFC / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

With the Sonoran Desert glistening in the background, Scottsdale remains one of Arizona’s best kept secrets. The city is illuminated by the colorful reflections of orange sunsets and uprising hills and cacti, offering much more than what meets the eye. It is a revitalizing experience for every thrill seeker, an ideal place to get lost and create new memories off the beaten path, while exploring unbridled passions. Once you’ve set foot on this American beauty, you will not want to turn back. Scottsdale, Arizona bathes in the warmth of the Arizona sun, motioning all to discover its great outdoors. With a natural beauty and unforeseen treasures buried within its landscape, Scottsdale is the perfect journey to a world of discovery.

Scottsdale is a sophisticated city in Arizona, United States. Founded by its namesake Chaplain Winfield Scott, the city derived from a history as a farm town which later gained much attention due to its pleasant weather as well as picturesque scenery. Much of the city’s beauty can be seen painted on canvases by artists whose masterpieces are boldly hung in Scottsdale’s numerous galleries. The city’s museums also blaze a trail into its heritage with their elaborate collections. Take a leisurely stroll in the pulsating heart of Scottsdale, which is Downtown. This vibrant district brings fashion, art, history, and beautiful scenery to the feet of its visitors. However, do not miss the adventures lurking in the Sonoran Desert. From whitewater rafting along the Salt River and horseback riding to hiking up its majestic cliffs and gliding over the desert in a hot air balloon, there will be no reason to stay indoors.

While enjoying all that Scottsdale has in store will be a blast, there is nothing like participating in the city’s grand shopping frenzy. It is known for its trendy and fashionable goods, updating the wardrobes of shopaholics everywhere with designer wear in addition to exclusive “made in Arizona” styles. Whether making your way into Scottsdale Fashion Square department stores or lured by the fragrances of The Shops of Gainey Village, there is a treasure to satisfy any pocket. For a night on the town, Scottsdale’s lively hotspots are waiting for you to dance the night away with one of its signature cocktails or beers in hand. The façade of Downtown bursts with the hypnotic rhythms of popular music flowing from clubs like Axis/Radius and Rusty Spur Saloon.

Dining in Scottsdale is enjoyable for every food lover. Its chefs work their magic to entice even the pickiest critics with their mouthwatering flavors. From gourmet delicacies to hearty specialties, you will not be disappointed by the gastronomic experience preserved within its quaint eateries.

Scottsdale is characterized by a hot desert climate. From May to September (summer) its temperature averages around 100°F and lowers to 85°F at night. During November to March (winter) the weather fluctuates between a high of 75°F to a low of 45°F.

Situated a few miles from the downtown area, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the city’s gateway to a wide spectrum of destinations. The Downtown Trolley provides extensive and scheduled transportation to the Waterfront, art districts, Fashion Square as well as the Old Town.