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street in key west, florida (Photo via Maisna / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Key West

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Pier at the beach in Key West, Florida.
Pier at the beach in Key West, Florida. (Photo via ventdusud / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Key West, Florida transforms dreams to reality for every traveler craving that unforgettable sand-in-between-your-toes experience. This dreamy city is where creativity comes to life, where the Caribbean Sea comes knocking on your door, while the Florida-fare introduces a paradise where narrow paths are decorated with perfectly-lined palm trees, shading you from the rays of the sun as you roam through its heritage. With a multitude of adventures and highlights for everyone to enjoy, Key West has authentically charmed its way into becoming one of the United States’ most desirable locations. So leave your cares at home, and visit this enticing city where the sun’s glow is never too far away.

Situated in the Florida Keys, Key West is the United States’ most southern destination. Since the 1800s, Key West has been luring drifters onto its beautiful shores. From Ernest Hemingway to Harry Truman, exploration of the city will be a walk down memory lane. Whether gasping at the sight of shipwrecks and exotic fish beneath the ocean’s surface or wandering through the history of Hemingway’s Home and the African Burial Ground, Key West offers a colorful mix of land and sea. Shoppers will appreciate Duval Street or Bahama Village for their array of treasure-filled shops; and night owls will flock to the city’s pubs, cafés and restaurants for a night of drinks, laughter, and dancing.

The Key West experience can definitely work up an appetite. Follow your nose to a fascinating gastronomic experience where the aromas of island treats offer a taste of the city’s culinary traditions. From the Caribbean delicacies of Kelly’s Caribbean Bar & Grill to the conch fritters of Sloppy Joe’s, there is a unique flavor that will tantalize any taste bud.

The weather of Key West is characterized as a tropical savanna climate. During May to October (summer) the temperature rises to a high in the upper-80s and decreases to the low-80s at night. From December to March (coldest season) the weather is relatively mild and fluctuates between a high in the mid-70s to a low within the mid-60s.

Key West is serviced by Key West International Airport. Taxis are conveniently available to transport you to your preferred destination. Ferries are accessible for travel to Marco Island and Ft. Myers Beach. Car rental makes it easy for tourists to become familiar with the city at their own pace; however, motorcycles, scooters, as well as bicycles are also available for travelers wanting to explore Key West on their own. With Park N’ Ride travelers can park their cars ($13 parking fee) and hop on board a shuttle which travels to Key West’s vibrant downtown districts.